Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gazans Angry Over Arab Humanitarian Aid

Gazans are furious over the "Humanitarian Aid" which has been arriving on flotilla ships and from donor counties -- and they are specifically mad at the "aid" that has arrived from Arab countries.

Al Jazeera reports the story on their Arabic website (google translate does a typical job, not the best quality)

Monir Al-Barash, the PA Health Ministry's Director of Donation Receivables stated that since the IDF "Cast Lead" operation, Gaza's hospitals have been able to make use of less than 30% of the "medical aid" that has donated.

"Al-Barash said that most of the medical equipment that arrived over the past year was "useless". "Benefactors sent us a shipment worth millions of dollars to counteract Swine Flu, except the shipment arrived after the virus threat had already completely disappeared."
Another senior PA Health Ministry official, Bassam Barhom started that among the medical equipment were broken dialysis machines."

What annoyed them the most were the donations from Arab countries of burial shrouds for children.

Most of the medications are being buried in landfills since they have expired or are of no use.

Wrap Up:

- Broken Medical Equipment
- Non-functioning dialysis machines
- Expired Medication
- Medication for issues not in Gaza.
- Burial shrouds for kids

Bottom Line:

- 70% of the total aid is unusable.

With luxury shopping malls being constructed (and full of shoppers), I guess that improved medical services were taken care of already.

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NormanF said...

Which goes to show no good deed goes unpunished. The Arabs don't care about their Gaza brethren. All the "aid" is simply about scoring propaganda points against Israel, not about making a real difference in the lives of the area's inhabitants. But then we've known that for quite some time now.

Shmilda said...

It is old news that, unfortunately, much corporate humanitarian aid is stuff which cannot be sold, such as expired medicines. It is not unique to Gaza.

Sending burial shrouds, though, raises it to a whole new macabre level.

Anonymous said...

hasnt free gaza, the ihh and all the rest of the bastiches been quite clear?

they dont really care about getting in humanitarian aide...they want to break the blockade

which makes them enemies of israel

blow those ships out of the water

next up....idiot canadians

Jewish Ideas Daily said...

That video is just the right bit of sarcastic.

Anonymous said...


Mark @ Israel said...

The problem in Gaza is getting more complicated. The humanitarian act does not even add substance in solving the deep-seated problems. I think, the problem lies in the system of government and in the value orientations of the people particularly in Gaza. Had there been a good system of governance plus a strong leader with an open-mind, a catalyst of change and with a strong concern for the people, there could be peace and development in that part of the globe!

Neshama said...

Jameel, it looks like you are using the new Google template? What happens to the old posts? Is there a way to separate the old ones from the new ones? I also saw one I liked.

PS your blog looks more roomy, clean and crisp to read!

Don Cox said...

" I think, the problem lies in the system of government and in the value orientations of the people particularly in Gaza."

The problem lies in the Hamas charter.

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