Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Worrying New Trend: Palestinian Terrorists as Kidnappers

The JPOST reports a breaking news story:

Judea and Samaria police were on Wednesday hunting for a Palestinian man suspected of disguising himself as a settler and attempting to carjack an Israeli woman as she drove in the West Bank with her baby in the back seat.

"We received a complaint by a female resident of [the settlement of] Ma'ale Levona," police confirmed in a statement.

"As she drove in her vehicle, she noticed a man with a backpack and a kippah who was hitchhiking. She pulled over to give him a ride," the statement continued.

After he entered her vehicle, the woman realized that the suspect had disguised himself, police said. "She was then sprayed with tear gas by the suspect, who sought to steal the vehicle," police added.

The woman removed the keys from the ignition and told the suspect she would leave the vehicle with her baby. After he consented, she walked away from the vehicle with her baby.

"The suspect tried to start the car but failed. He then escaped on foot," police said.

There are also reports that this past Sunday, a Magen David Adom ambulance crew was ambushed and almost kidnapped by Palestinians terrorists in the Shomron region after responding to an emergency call of a bad vehicular accident with seriously wounded. IDF troops arriving on the scene (who also responded to the same emergency call) managed to foil the kidnapping.

We have received reports that Magen David Adom is now re-evaluating its procedures for dispatching ambulances and first response EMTs to reported traffic accidents, till the authenticity of the caller has been verified or unless IDF/Police forces are on the scene.

Carjacking. Hijacking. While IDF soldiers try to dance, Palestinians terrorists are dreaming up new ways of killing Israelis.

Over 300,000 trees burned down in Israel on June 29...

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Anonymous said...


This is getting as bad as the Southwestern USA (tongue in cheek), where carjacking and kidnapping have become a cottage industry. The only difference being that this bat Yehuda had the presence of mind to recognize the danger and protect herself and her child. Americans have no such survival skills.

ProfK said...

I don't know why the advent of this is so surprising to anyone. For centuries people have been disguising themselves to gain entry to places they could not otherwise get into or to fool/attack/swindle people they would otherwise not get close to.

There was a series of incidents a good few years back of someone dressing in chasidishe garb in Brooklyn in order to try and effect kidnappings of lone children on the street.

We unfortunately live in a world where we can't believe the evidence in front of our eyes because it may or may not be what it seems.

yoni r. said...

Piece of advice - Before picking up a stranger dressed as a religious Jew, ask him what the parsha is. If he can't even give you an incorrect (but reasonable) answer within 5 seconds, get away, and fast.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Yoni: Did you ever read this posting about my bizzaro hitchhiker's experience?

yoni r. said...

Nice story. I once picked up a Chareidi-looking guy on the side of the road, and before he got in, I asked him what that week's parsha was. He said something, but was wrong, since there was no parsha that week (that shabbos was a chag or chol hamo'ed or something). I told him to get in, and spent most of the ride explaining his error to him (he wasn't too swift). I figured, if he was a terrorist, he'd probably be unable to even give the wrong answer he did.

Olah Chadasha said...

Maybe a no tremp or a buddy system tremp rule should be put into place until further notice. The situation is just too dangerous right now.

Is there a gun in MADA ambulances in the Yehuda and Shomron? If not, there for sure should be.

The world screams about the torture of the Palestinians' "human rights", and they simply conveniently forget or just ignore what the facts are.

When up is down, and left is ride that is when Mashiach is coming, right? Isn't that what the Talmud says?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Hey OC - havent seen you around in a bit.

1. Its nearly impossible to get yesha teenagers not to tremp. Try explaining that to a teenager who knows better than you :-/

2. You can't allocate a gun to an ambulance, the same way you don't allocate a gun to a jeep in the IDF -- it has to be assigned to a person. Many ambulance drives have gun permits (like myself), but not all do, nor do all carry guns on their shifts.

3. Remember the words from "We Con the World"? "oooooh, we'll stab you in the heart. They're only soldiers, one cares...."

No one cares, and its only up to us.

Olah Chadasha said...

Hey Jameel,

I come everyday. I just pick my comments a bit more carefully these days.

I think teens would be more inclined to listen if there was a successful kidnapping, or they saw that they were waiting around for hours because no-one was stopping out of fear.

They allocate guns in cockpits for pilots. Why not in dangerous areas for ambulance employees?

The problem is when our government gives in to the rhetoric and leave her people vulnerable.

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