Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hypocritical silence about Egyptian crimes against humanity

by Lurker

While human rights activists and bleeding hearts focus all their attention on the plight of the African migrants in Israel, nobody seems to give a flying leap about what the Egyptians are doing to them every day, just over the border. Arabs apparently have a free hand to commit brutal torture, mutilation, rape, and savage massacres with complete impunity:
They are hung from trees by metal chains attached to their arms and provided with plastic bags to collect their urine to drink when they are thirsty. They are gang raped, tortured with electricity and held prisoner in desert camps. When they escape they are shot, either by their Beduin captors or by Egyptian police. These savage and disturbing details, published piecemeal over the years, are just a part of the picture of what is being done in Egypt's Sinai desert to African migrants.
Read the rest here, if you can stomach it:

The long road of death, massacre in Sinai

Apparently this isn't worth anyone's attention, since there's no way to blame Jews for it.

And you won't hear the EU or the UN saying anything about this either, let alone issue any condemnations. They're too busy with much more important things, like investigating the Israeli raid on the terror flotilla, and demonizing Israel for the shortage of coriander in the Gaza Luxury Mall.

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