Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Israel Moving to 7 digit ZIP-codes

Israel's Postal Service announced today on their website, that on December 5th, 2012 (21rst of Kislev) -- that Israel will be moving to a 7 digit ZIP code instead of the current 5 digit system.

A ZIP-code in Hebrew is מיקוד mikud.

The switch to 7 digits is supposed to help improve postal service delivery.

You can find out what your new ZIP code will be using their ZIP-code converter page, here

(I actually remember the stamp on the right...but not the one below...)

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Esser Agaroth said...


If 5 digits is good enough for the U. S., then why isn't 5 digits good enough for the much small country of Israel?

IsraelP said...

Bureaucrats need to demonstrate that they have been doing things.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

10 ag: The US is already basically using 5 + 4 digits....so in effect they are using 9.

Israel switch to 7 digits will use the existing zip codes and add 2 additional digits.

JoeSettler said...

Will they finally deliver to my door? Or do I still have to go to the PO to pick up my mail?

Anonymous said...

I live in ramat bet shemesh, and every street is a different zip code. Maybe if they would consolidate, they wouldnt need 7.

Comparing Israel's 7 digit, to America's 9 is absurd. American is about 50-60 times the size of Israel.

Your Correspondent said...

My Israeli ID is already 8 digits plus the check digit. If they're going to 7 digits, why not just use 8 digits and everybody gets their own postal zone!

Or at least offer us the option of using the Israeli ID as a complete address...

Meir Ariel said...

I think it's a great idea to have a more specific post code. In England each road has its own code which means you can give your entire address as 5 IG7 9QW. According to the PO website the entrance to my building (11a) gets its own code (!), but my grandmother's house shares its code with a couple of other houses. Both places are in Jerusalem. I wonder how they've chosen to assign codes?

Lurker said...

Ethel Merman: Zip A Dee Zip Code

Shmilda said...

Lurker: Thanks for the laughs

Anonymous said...

The first three digits are the same and last four are new.

They should have an official spot for a dash instead of just one long seven digit number. xxx-xxxx

josh said...

Anon, I agree. I've started a write in campaign.

In fact, on the wikipedia page, it seems that all countries with a code longer than five digits either use a hyphen or a space.

The postal page says that this is for the 'new' computer sorting system that will be finally installed. The system has actually been sitting in 'nylons' for the past 2-3 years because the sorters union has been threatening to cause havoc is the boxes are opened (and they are all fired).

Miriam said...

Is this a make work plan?...the post office needs to revamped. Everything gets lost and mail is very slow. It took 9 days for a letter sent to me from Jerusalem to arrive in the Negev... Do the powers think adding 2 more numbers is really going to improve the mail? I highly doubt it.


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