Monday, March 26, 2012

Israel's Supreme Court vs. Migron

On Sunday the judges, headed by Supreme Court President Asher Grunis, ruled that the outpost must be evacuated by August 1. The annulled compromise deal stated that the outpost's residents would voluntarily relocate to state-owned land situated on a nearby hill within three-and-a-half years. (ynet)
The correct response to the Supreme Court should be:
"He who raises his hand against my home – I shall cut off his hand."
After all, where else could we learn such moral ethics, but from another Supreme Court Justice, Mishael Heshin...who was worried that the democratic dictatorship judicial activism of the court might be reduced via Israel's legislative. (source)

Israel's government and the Migron settlers went through extraordinary lengths to reach an agreement, yet Peace Now is more interested in destroying than building, and the Supreme Court is not interested in the peaceful resolution (which was negotiated).

The Supreme Court has gone too far...

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Jonny said...

the Migron settlers logic is the same as my dream of setting up a caravan commune on herzliya beach.

Would you expect the state to be supportive of such an action? and then when the high court rules that my dream is illegal would you be so supportive of the state coming up with a compromise plan of moving the commune to a vacant block of land in Herzlia Pituach?

Israel cannot continue to be a neighbourhood of the settlements ... kol hakavod to the high court for keeping up democracy

ROSE said...

I support it .thanks

babawawa said...

And when someone comes to your house claiming it's theirs, with no proof, should you be forced to move? If you say no, then you understand Migron. If you say yes, you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

How about if someone comes to your house and doesnt say it's theirs, but they are a third party who simply claimss it not yours, with no proof. should you move?

josh said...

Kalman Libeskind had a nice piece in the weekend Maariv about Gronis A, Gronis B (the new supreme court head)

Gronis A gave 17 years to criminal Bedouins in the south to find solutions for their illegal settlement but berated the government for the 3 months they gave Migron.

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