Thursday, November 06, 2008

Aliyah for Change

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It's been said on this blog that if Obama wins, that would be a big push for Aliyah.

I'm not sure how that works out considering the fact that 70% of Jews who voted, voted for Obama. I guess it's that 30% that might be considering their options.

And how timely is that!

Nefesh B'Nefesh has just announced a Winter Aliyah flight coming up in December. Its filling up with singles making Aliyah, but I am sure they can squeeze in some families too.

So if you were thinking about Aliyah, and now considering it more seriously, talk to NBN now to ensure you can get a seat on that plane.

So Plan for Change! Plan for Aliyah! Yes you can!

Tell them Jameel sent you. (Really).

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Erachet said...

Maaaaake Aliyaaaaaah..... :P

Eliezer said...

I heard the same things, kinda like the democrats in '04.

I made a few motiviational posters for those wishing to get the word out:

Congrats Obama said...

78% is what I heard actually. And I assure you, amongst the 22% of Jews who didn't, are the anti-Zionists of the OJ world. Which leaves somewhat less than that 22%.

I am hoping that Obama pleasantly surprises those that are so fearful of him with regards to Israel.

Tzipporah said...

right, because what we really need in Israel is more right-wing racists... ?

Be careful what you're asking for, Jameel.

Anonymous said...

Hey, be careful..not all right wingers are racists. I CERTAINLY am not..but I am most definitely a right winger.

I thought the left was supposed to be tolerant. I guess it is so only if you agree with them. So much for the freedom of speech and expression.

Fern said...

I'm Jewish, I voted for McCain, I'm not racist, nor am I anti-Zionist. Same thing for my husband, brother, mother, grandfather, and uncle. And while I don't know for sure how they voted, I would venture to guess that the majority of people in my shul could say the same.

Where do people come up with this stuff?!

Jameel/Joe -- Can someone really decide to make aliyah in November and get on the plane to Israel in just a few months? I thought the process took longer than that?

Renegade said...

You've got it all wrong.

The racists here are all those who voted for Obama because of his race, because they wanted to see the first black president get elected.
Not those who voted against having a socialist, extreme-leftist president. (who incidentally happens to be black)

Anonymous said...

I am in process of doing the aliyah. I have been told the fastest one could conceivable do the aliyah is about 3-4 months. Without hiccups.

I will be lucky if mine is within 6 months.

And, I am the same as you (fern) I voted for McCain. I am not a racist nor anti-zionist.

JoeSettler said...

Fern, the only way to find out is to contact NBN. But they apparently seem to think so as they are specifically advertising this winter flight.

Tzipporah said...

Sorry, but racist right-wing was the first explanation that came to mind after the opening line - that Obama winning would be a big push for aliyah.

Why otherwise would anyone flee America just as we're finally starting to get hope again?

And sorry, but I've been reading lots of comments by right-wing racist Jews on a number of blogs recently, and I'm absolutely disgusted - largely because we manage to continue this asinine stance against fellow Jews in Israel.

Kylopod said...

Of course, not all McCain supporters are racists. Who ever suggested such a thing?

The point is, a substantial number of Orthodox Jews are racists. That is undeniable. Therefore, the Orthodox Jewish community as a whole has no credibility on the question of an election between a white man and a black man.

Jackie Mason recently did a bit insisting that his opposition to Obama was due not to racism but because Obama has "no accomplishments." Not only is that a flat-out, baldfaced lie, Mason neglects to mention that he once referred to David Dinkins as a "fancy schvartze with a mustache." Yeah, not racist indeed.

Simply claiming not to be a racist does little to reassure skeptics, especially if you follow your reassurance with some inflammatory and inaccurate statement like that Obama is a "socialist."

Orthodox Jews have always had their share of loonie right-wingers with over-the-top judgments of white Democrats like Clinton, Gore, and Kerry. But the sheer viciousness directed toward Obama is unprecedented, and it's especially striking when directed at someone as clearly competent and thoughtful as Obama has shown himself to be.

Kylopod said...

What I also find ironic is that many of these same people--who balk at the possible suggestion that opposing Obama could be a sign of racism--are exactly the sorts to act like anyone who criticizes Israel (at least Likud-nik policies) is a Jew-hater.

A said...


Michael said...

"right, because what we really need in Israel is more right-wing racists... ?"

Zipporah - 'Jameel' knows exactly what he's asking for:

Continued construction of illegal settlement colonies = turning the west bank into aparteid-style regime = eventual bination state and dissolution of zionism... mazal tov!

JoeSettler said...

How strange that certain people perceive this as even related to race when the problem is solely in Obama's far left worldview, economic, social, and foreign policy plans.

All of which, when implemented in America, will make Israel look like an even better place to live in (and it is a great place to live) once Netanyahu is Prime Minister again.

JoeSettler said...

I love it when people (on the left) project their vision/understanding of the solution on the people of the right, completely disregarding anything we actually say.


JoeSettler said...

A statement like "The point is, a substantial number of Orthodox Jews are racists." reflects more on the author of that statement than on the actual beliefs of Orthodox Jews.

tafka pp said...

I love it when people (on the left) project their vision/understanding of the solution on the people of the right, completely disregarding anything we actually say.


Aw, c'mon Joe! Why is it ok for YOU to do that to people on the left but not ok for them to do it to you?!

I'm with Zipporah on this one: I may be fantasizing here when I hope that NBN will fill their plane with sensible, balanced Jews making Aliya for well-considered reasons, not because they've been overdosing on "Shuva"-esque nonsense, kickstarted by Obama and his changes, being thus propogated by Mr. Joseph Settler on this blog.

JoeSettler said...

tafka: We are both living through the statements and the policies of the Left in Israel, and we've seen where its brought us on buses, in restaurants, in Gaza and Lebanon. I don't need to project onto the Left their statements and actions. They do that for themselves.

Meanwhile on this blog we have repeatedly stated the positions and solutions of the right, and the Left continue with their fantasy of ignoring or reinterpreting what we are really saying (often repeating their mantra that "the right has no solution").

Heck, just look at the comments here. There have never been any racist remarks on this blog, much less against Obama, yet any remark against Obama is automatically blamed on racism as opposed to his actual views, statements and political positions.


mbfme said...

I am looking forward to every racist right-winger to make good on their promise to make Aliyah.

Kylopod said...

"A statement like 'The point is, a substantial number of Orthodox Jews are racists.' reflects more on the author of that statement than on the actual beliefs of Orthodox Jews."

Hey, don't believe me. Take the following as an indication:

while many things have surprised me about the Orthodox world, nothing has surprised me more than the unapologetic bigotry of more than a few Orthodox Jews. At a Shabbat table recently a black-hatted man discussed which kosher establishments on the Upper West Side did and did not meet his standards. He then joked that in the 1960s he had been politically very liberal. "Yeah, I was almost a freedom rider," he said, "but I couldn't stand it to sit next to a schwartze on the bus. It would make me nauseous."

A woman at the opposite end of the table found that this accorded with her experience and added that, in her opinion, blacks have an identifiable odor. "I don't know what it is," she told us. "I just find it offensive." Another Friday night, a pretty young woman put it to me frankly. "I just hate Puerto Ricans.. period," she said. Puerto Ricans.. you see, are honorary schwartzes.

As are the Arabs. One Shabbat morning at a wealthy Manhattan synagogue, the rabbi noted in his sermon that a West Bank settler was to be tried in Israel for killing a Palestinian. After stabbing a Jew, not fatally, the Palestinian had been disarmed and tied up. A settler had then walked up to the prisoner and shot him to death. As we walked out of the sanctuary, an acquaintance of mine argued that, under such arcumstances and if they could get away with it, Jewish settlers were right to execute Palestinians. "Violence. That's all the Arabs understand," he said. "When in China, do like the Chinese."

Who wrote those words? Was it some lefty peacenik baal teshuva who fails to understand the nuances of Yiddish and thinks anyone who supports welfare reform is a dyed-in-the-wool racist?

It is actually David Klinghoffer, National Review editor, more recently author of the book How Would God Vote? Why the Bible Commands You to be a Conservative. I seriously doubt Klinghoffer voted for Obama. He might even agree with your claim that Obama is a far leftist. But one thing he would not agree with is your attempt to whitewash the undeniable fact of Orthodox bigotry. In his words:

It is possible that my political affiliation sets some men and women at ease, encouraging them to voice their least attractive opinions. On being introduced to people in synagogues and at Shabbat and Yom Tov tables, I am invariably asked what I do for a living. I say that I work for National Review, which is the conservative opinion magazine owned by William F. Buckley Jr. "So," goes the next question, "you're a conservative?" Some polite conversation follows. And then, not infrequently, my new acquaintance will proceed to drop remarks about "schwartzes"-- pronounced, by the sort of person who use words like this, in the same tone of contempt as when pronouncing "guuy", the Yiddish appropriation of the more neutral Hebrew "goy". I am expected to join in the smirking, given that after all I am a conservative.

And so after telling the joke I mention above, the humorist at that seder turned to me, grinning wryly. "You're not offended, are you?" he asked. "I thought you were a conservative."

I had been waiting for this question. I had intended to adopt a look of pain-stricken dignity and tell him that there is a difference, sir, between a conservative and a bigot or something like that. But I lost my nerve, as I have before when the subject of "schwartzes" came up, and probably will the next time I'm given the opportunity. Instead I offered him a polite smile, and he turned away.

Anyone familiar with the Orthodox Jewish community knows of the virulent racism among certain strains of them. There is no point in debating it. Any frum person who denies it is either lying through their teeth or is so racist themselves they don't recognize racism when they see it.

Daniel said...

If the Jews that support Isreal with their time , money and blood and who have Jewish grandkids are racist count me in.
I didn't vote for Obama not because he is black. I didn't because he is a white trash liar pretending that he as an aryan mulatto without a slavery history , raised by his white family can play the race card and get guilty intermarried Jews to vote for him . THAT IS RACISM.

JoeSettler said...

So let me get this straight. Some pundit wrote 14 years ago about an event that may (or may not) have happened and you therefore paint the entire Orthodox community as racist as a result. Do you save these articles to pull them out to bolster up your fantasy?

As every reader of this blog can attest to, you guys are the first to raise the issue of Obama's race on this blog. Perhaps you are the racists?

Fern said...

Why otherwise would anyone flee America just as we're finally starting to get hope again?

Hope? Hope for what? Higher taxes? Fewer jobs? Socialized medicine? Oh boy! I can't wait! Definitely worth sticking around!!!

Tzipppora, you should get out of your bubble and actually talk to Republicans sometime. It might be shocking for a liberal to hear this, but everything is not about race. There are plenty of reasons to be worried about an Obama presidency and none of them have to do with the fact that he had a black father.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

All - this post/thread is continuing in an interesting followup post by Lurker -- "The Audacity of Aliyah"

Kylopod said...

So let me get this straight. Some pundit wrote 14 years ago about an event that may (or may not) have happened and you therefore paint the entire Orthodox community as racist as a result. Do you save these articles to pull them out to bolster up your fantasy?

Where did you get the idea that I described "the entire Orthodox community as racist"? I never said that. I said, "a substantial number of Orthodox Jews are racists." Can you even read? Or are you just so unable to address the point that you have no recourse except to put words in other people's mouths?

You think I'm just making this up? I've lived in the Orthodox community all my life, and I've been in many Orthodox communities around the United States. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. But I thought quoting a journalist would lend a bit more credibility to the claim, especially since it's by an arch-conservative, which makes it hard for you to dismiss his observations as liberal oversensitivity. It is simply one of the more eloquent pieces I have seen written on the subject, but it is very far from the only one.

I also was impressed by Jason Maoz, editor of Jewish Press, when he wrote the following:

I supported John McCain in the presidential campaign just concluded, and given the choice I would do so again.
Having said that, anyone who wasn't profoundly moved by Barack Obama’s victory rally and speech on Tuesday night has to be either emotionally dead or devoid of any appreciation of just how historic a moment it was.
The tears of joy and disbelief, the looks of wonder and hope, on all those faces in that crowd -- particularly, for obvious reasons, the black faces -- were enough to offset the despair I felt the next morning on reading through the shamefully racist and abjectly ignorant comments posted by visitors to certain Orthodox websites.

Now, I don't agree with Mr. Maoz that Mr. Obama is too liberal and has horrible associations. But by acknowledging the problem, Mr. Maoz has earned the right not to be accused of racism.

I think any Orthodox Jew has the perfect right to support John McCain, and not to be thought of as a racist. But by pretending there isn't a problem of racism in the Orthodox community, you become complicit in the problem.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Kylopod: Please differentiate between Lurker and JoeSettler (even though Lurker mis-attributed opinions to you).

Lurker clearly wrote in his latest post that there is there clearly IS a problem of racism in the Orthodox community. I dont think he was trying to sweep that under the rug at all, or be complacent.

Kylopod said...

I did differentiate between them. My last post in this thread was directly a response to Joe the Settler, while my post in the other thread was directly a response to Lurker's guest post.

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