Sunday, November 23, 2008

Regards from Another Planet

Participating in a Maged David Adom emergency medicine seminar offered me the unique opportunity to see Israel from down our seminar was moved here, to Ashkelon, at the last minute.

This isn't a different area of Israel, but a different planet. The area we're staying in -- southern Ashkelon, only a few miles from the Gaza strip, is not just a virtual ghost town, but a different planet, with rules of its own. Our 5 star hotel is booked by MDA...and the EU. Over a dozen "diplomatic" EU vehicles are parked outside, all used for jaunts into Gaza, to see the wonderful paradise the EU helped create. Why the EU stays in Israel in Ashkelon, instead of Gaza, is a mystery.

Upon starting our seminar, the ground rules were given out -- what to do in case of rocket attacks. Here in Ashkelon, a wailing up and down air-raid siren informs us we have less than 20 seconds to seek shelter. The ranking MDA official told us that just yesterday, it was sounded, so he's pretty confident the system is working correctly.

Meanwhile, the course has already been extremely informative, as I learned about the following conditions (among other things)

Reasons for Club fingers
Marfon Syndrome
Cushing's Syndrome

And...(I found this important) if someone is suffering from fever convulsions, I should check their blood sugar level as well to ensure that hypoglycemia isn't starting.

Regards from Qassam City,


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Jack said...

Qassam City- Oy.

Risa said...

Hope everything is OK where you are. When you get back you can face this new threat - a meme.
I'm tagging you. Go to: to see what it's about. (or not, whatever)

Lurking MD said...

That's uRticaria and marfAn's Syndrome.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Lurking MD: Considering the entire course was in Hebrew, and all the words were transliterated into Hebrew, I think I did an ok job :)

Rach said...

i loved doing hishtalmut all in hebrew
i'm sure you were the hero doing it all in hebrew - i was the only anglo amongst 65% arabs and the rest israelis and they thought i was the best thing since canned chumus and bamba

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