Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dangerous Spam Alert [OT]

Completely Off-Topic.

I just received a very reasonable looking email.

I get packages all the time, and I just received an email from one of the delivery companies that my package won't be arriving by the date it was supposed to, and for more information to open the attached letter.

I nearly opened this reasonable sounding email, until (1) I realized that the package I ordered came last week, (2) I didn't have it delivered through that shipping firm and (3) the email it was sent to is not the email I use for ordering items over the internet.

I don't know what virus they infected the file with, but I am sure it was nasty.

So a warning to everyone out there. Don't open any innocent looking emails from delivery companies like UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

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Lurker said...

Yeah, you can't be too careful about what files or links you open these days.

Btw, click here to win millions of dollars from the widow of the late president of Ivory Coast, to update your Windows security settings, and to get free drugs to alter the size of various parts of your body.

tnspr569 said...

Or get a Mac and further reduce your risk of infecting your computer...

JoeSettler said...

Just for you Mac guy:

Jack said...

I just received a very reasonable looking email.

I don't think that I have ever received an unreasonable email. Ok, there was that one with the...

Batya said...

So true.

But aren't you curious about how we finally used the "door prize" from the jblogger convention and I made Waffles!

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