Wednesday, November 05, 2008

ps: gaza shot over 30 rockets at israel today

Buried under the news of President elect Obama's victory, last night the IDF was required to operate inside of Gaza to destroy a tunnel which was to be used by Palestinians in an upcoming kidnapping attempt of IDF soldiers.

In the operation, 6 Palestinian terrorists were killed, 6 IDF soldiers were slightly-moderately wounded, and the tunnel was destroyed.

Unhappy with the change of plan, Palestinians have been shooting Qassam missiles at Southern Israel and Ashkelon, over 30 so far. No serious injuries have been reported. You can read more here at the JPost.

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The back of the hill said...

Please, those are peace overtures!

The only reason they wish to kidnap IDF soldiers is that they are lonesome, and desire guests.

Their version of ushpizim. It's probably getting close to some Edomite festival. Can you blame them?

nikki said...

and meanwhile they're crying that we broke the ceasefire. you know, "it all started when he hit me back!"

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