Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama denies reports on Jerusalem Split

The Lebanese al Akhbar newspaper reported on Tuesday that US presidential favourite Barack Obama told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that he supports the Palestinians' right to East Jerusalem, as well as their right to a sovereign Palestinian state. The report added Obama asked Abbas to keep the remarks secret. However, Obama aides dismissed the report later in the day.

Nevertheless, the Lebanese daily added that the Palestinian Authority is hoping Obama will win, saying that Palestinian leaders believe his support for Israel during the campaign was mainly aimed at gaining the American-Jewish vote and the support of the Jewish lobby in the United States. (Albawaba)
Meanwhile, Lurker reports hearing on Reshet Bet (Israel Radio) that Ramallah Palestinians have already knighted Barack Obama with the nom de guerre, "Abu Hussein". Many Ramallah restaurants are reportedly offering a 50% sale tomorrow in case "Abu Hussein" wins the US Presidential elections.

Muqata Waffles will NOT be on sale tomorrow, regardless of who wins.

Update: WND: JERUSALEM – In a rapid response to potentially damaging Election Day news, the Obama campaign today urged Palestinian officials to deny a report that the Democratic nominee confided to Palestinian leadership that he supports their right to a capital in eastern Jerusalem, according to a senior Palestinian official.

The official, a longtime reliable source, told WND that Obama advisers have engaged in a series of intense conversations in the last few hours asking that the office of President Mahmoud Abbas issue a denial.

Abbas political adviser Namer Hamad subsequently issued a denial to reporters, but the senior official confirmed to WND that Obama said in a July trip to the region he favored a "negotiated settlement" that may grant the PA control over sections of Jerusalem.

Obama asked the Palestinians to keep the remarks secret, an official told WND in a July interview.

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