Monday, April 17, 2006

Attack in Tel-Aviv - Good thing we have the border Security Fence.

This morning I received a routine SMS message on my cellphone of active security alerts around the country: 83 general terror attack alerts, with 19 specific ones targeting exact locations.

At 1:39 PM my Hatzalah Nextel/MEERS announced the explosive terror attack in Tel-Aviv. A minute later my MDA beeper provided more information; nothing makes your heart sink faster than the familiar "MDA National Information Center: ***Initial Report***" message and the declaration of a mass casualty event.

Fast Forward to the 8:00 PM news on Channel 2. (if you can fast forward past 9 dead and over 60 wounded still hospitalized).

The Channel Two news starts as follows -- The Yonit Halevy talking head starts off the broadcast in her typical laconic voice:

"Despite the Terror Warnings, Despite the best efforts of the Police, Despite the Shabak, a terrorist managed to blow himself up in the middle of Tel-Aviv this afternoon..."

How come there was no mention of "Despite the billion dollar security fence?"

You'll hear everyone say that the security fence is Israel's #1 terrorist prevention measure, but no one in the media will ever say a bad word against it.

5 years ago, pre-fence, I would also get the exact same messages daily of "83 general terror attack alerts, with 19 specific ones targeting exact locations..."

The false sense of security, the demarcated, de-facto border, the animosity from uprooted trees, land confiscation, roadblocks and hatred from "machsom watch" -- not to mention the difficulties for all parties involved (Israeli and Palestinian) it all worth it for the billion dollar "security fence?"

Sorry, not in my book.

And this probably isn't the first time you'll find Settlers and Palestinians in agreement.

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Josh M. said...

If the fence has not been of any use, why have there been fewer successful attempts over the last year?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Josh: The terror groups' motivation hasn't gone down at all since the fence was built.

Fewer attempts at the huge expense of billions (!) of dollars, and at the expense of the erosion of fear of the IDF.

The cost/performance of the fence is astronomical compared to where the money could go. The loss of the IDF's "fear factor" by the enemy is worth lots more than the billions spent on the fence.

The #1 reason for the fewer successful bombings is not the fence, but that the IDF is allowed to enter major PA cities for counter terrorism work. Every politician will say otherwise, since they need to;

1. Justify the huge expenditure
2. Reassure the public that security is (sortof) attainable
3. Prove they have a political solution to the current mess...and the fence is more political than security.

Oleh Yahshan said...

I happen to agree with you that the fence by itself does nothing. and I also Agree with you 100% that the reason for the drop in Succeful attacks has to do with Tzahal and it's (great) work inside the Palestinian cities.

But the fence does serve a purpes, it does make it more difficult for the Terrorists to get to wherever they want. does it work 100% of the time?? of course not, but then again niether does anything else. There is no way to stop every attack (well there is - but we can't talk about it - it's not nice), but we should do everything we can to try and make it harder for them to succeed, and I think that is where the fence does help. As far as I am concerned if the fence prevented 1 attack and saved 1 life - it was worth it!!
Just to make myself clear - I think the fence on it's own (I.E. a border) would be the dumbest thing we can do and it should be used only as a fall back to Tzahal's work in the Cities (like the one yesterday in Schem).

Chag Sameach

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Oleh Yashan: Thanks for your honest opinion. Ooof - kids are acting up. Will reply later.

Chag Sameach!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

TM: The area of the fence where the terrorists crossed through to carry out yesterday's attack -- was in the northern part of the fence, where its 100% complete and functional. Even if the fence were 100% completed in the Southern part of Yehuda, the terrorist would still have gotten through.

Additionally, the IDF still needs to remain everywhere in the West Bank to ensure security...with or without the fence. (And the one around Gaza doesn't seem to be helping against daily rocket attacks either).

JoeSettler said...
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JoeSettler said...

According to that article security services "believe" he came through a gap in the fence.

A lot of other people in Israel are saying that this guy walked though a checkpoint by using the services of Machsom Watch.

JoeSettler said...

Read about how terrorists from Gaza bypassed the Gaza security fence and killed 10 people in a double suicide bombing in Ashdod Port:

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