Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Going Once...Going Twice...Kibuddim SOLD on ebay

(Click for full listing of kibuddim on ebay)

If your shul isn't digital these days, it's just totally 18th century. Then again, many shteebles ARE 18th century!

Forget all the tasteless, ostentatious annoying scenes of bidding for kibuddim in shuls for Simchat Torah -- just take care of all of it via ebay and paypal. And if you aren't happy with the quality of your kibud, you can always make a claim against paypal for your money back.

I wonder...if you buy an etrog with a credit card, using the buyer guarantee protection plan -- and the pitom breaks off during sukkot...can you get a refund?

Sukkot Neurosis are starting again...ack!
(hat-tip: Chewbacca)

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Mike Miller said...

Eh... eBay. So chu"l.

Our shul's aliyo[s](t) were on IsraBid!

We used to use a custom bidding application, but this works better.

mevaseretzion said...
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mevaseretzion said...

Jameel, I think your readers will enjoy answering my poll: http://mevaseretzion.blogspot.com

Lion of Zion said...

just on simhat torah? sigh, my shul does it on the yamim nora'im as well

kasamba said...

Actually, it makes sense. One day I would love to see an old fashion midwestern auctioneer auction off the aliyas in our little shteeble.

Der Shygetz said...

I wonder if they will get anywhere or if it is a publicity stunt. That is a major shul in Teaneck with plenty of wealthy mispalelim.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Just buy your etrog with Amex through Paypal and I am sure you can get your money back if the pitom comes off. My husband sold a laptop "as is" with an accurate description of the laptop and then the buyer got his money back from Paypal/Amex because he had buyers' remorse. So my husband was out the laptop and the $1200 he sold it for. If it works for a $1200 laptop, then surely it will work for an etrog.

Sarah Likes Green said...

that's great. :)

blogRfactor said...

Der Shygetz - you dont know your Teaneck shuls too well do you - and btw - this isnt a publicity stunt

Lady-Light said...

Yep. Judaism has hit the twenty-first century. The "T" in Torah also stands for Technology, didn't you know that? Codes in the Torah? You mean Bar Codes, right?!

Pragmatician said...

what a great idea, it sure would save a lot of valubale time.

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