Sunday, October 15, 2006

Post Sukkot Ramblings and Pictures.

With Sukkot receding into the past, today's rain washed away the summertime feeling from last week. Too cold for sandals today...I even needed a sweatshirt.

Walking around Jerusalem before sukkot, I thought I saw an amazing, huge poster for a sukka. I stopped to take a picture and realized it wasn't a poster, but printed onto the sukka's fabric -- an image of the Beit HaMikdash. Very Cool.

But sukkot's done with for this year, and the only remaining post I have about sukkot will be posted tomorrow, "The Great Save of Simchat Torah".

Today's rain though reminded me about some of the great aspects of yishuv life in Israel (though not limited exclusively to yishuvim) is that kids can walk to gan by themselves. Actually, the rain reminded me of this picture, and the picture reminded me of the yishuv lifestyle...

And when our makolet gets a pretzel delivery, this is what the pretzel delivery truck looks like! (I can't imagine seeing a truck like like this anywhere else on the planet...unless it was plastered with Chabad signs.)

Last but not least, was Tel-Aviv visted by a UFO last week during Chol HaMoed? Why aliens would choose Tel-Aviv of all places is beyond me....the Knesset seems like a much more logical locations for Aliens.

(YNetnews picture courtesy of Meir Ram)

YNet reports:

"So have aliens from outer space arrived in Tel Aviv? Experts are very skeptical. Chairman of the Israeli Astronomical Association and the director of the observatory in Givataim Yigal Pat-El said he was convinced it was an aircraft.

"If they saw it at five o'clock in the afternoon it is very likely that it was an aircraft mitting white smoke, in the picture it even looks like it has two engines, and you can see that it is flying towards the horizon and not downwards," said Pat-El. "

Doesn't really look like an aircraft to me...but then again...I'm not an "expert" like Dr. Yigal Pat-El.

If you asked me, it looks more like Luke Skywalker doing a nose-dive.

Oh, and before I finish this posting, check out this "You know you're in Israel when you see this" email I received today.


You and your etrog have had some good times together. But after a week of Sukkot, it's time for your Etrog to move on. You could just toss it in the garbage or stick it with peppercorns but is that really the way to treat your favorite citron?

How about sending it off in style! Let your Etrog be a part of history.

Immortalize it in the Dancing Camel's 5767 'Trog Wit Beer. Once a year, we collect the best Etrogim from throughout the land and after a rigorous testing process (we smell them), we select the ones that are 'Trog Wit material. What better way to show that your Etrog ain't just another lemon?

Here's what you do:
After Sukkot, bring your boxed Etrog (Etrogim with out a box will not be
accepted) to one of our designated drop-off points. You must write your name, address, cell number and email address on the box.

Here's what we do:
We enter your name in our list of 'Trogers. On the very same day that your Etrog gets pitched into history, we will draw one name for every 100 Etrogim received. If your name comes up, we will deliver A COMPLETE KEG PARTY FOR YOU AND 75 OF YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. We supply the beer.
We supply the chiller. We supply the dispensing equipment. We supply the setup. Hey - we'll even supply the friends if you want. Delivered right to your home/office/farm/tent - whatever you like. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER, YOU MUST LIVE IN ISRAEL AND YOU MUST HAVE A SOURCE OF ELECTRICITY.
That's it - we do the rest.

Where to bring your Etrog:
In Jerusalem: Sugar Hill - Rechov Helene Hamalka In Tel Aviv: The Dancing Camel Brewing Co. - Rechov Hataasiya 12 (off
In Modiin: Rechov Binyamin 72 in Buchman


David Cohen, President
The Dancing Camel Brewing Co., Ltd.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel (Israel) 052-456-4603
Tel (U.S.) 1-646-485-3586

OK...that was...different?

Lots of good stuff coming at you this week. Stay Tuned!

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


marallyn ben moshe said...

you've got to be kidding...if only i'd known...sigh...well, there's always next year

Robbie said...

ooooh - I got that email, too!

(but I didn't participate...although I strongly considered stealing all of my roommates' etrogim and entering them all under my name...)

kasamba said...

That beats every deal with Ginsu knives!!!!!

The back of the hill said...

Or you could use it in a salad..... saw that in a movie once.

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