Thursday, August 16, 2007

Israel: Faster than the Speed of Light

"New Scientist" reports that that two German physicists have propelled photons faster than the speed of light. This would be in direct violation of a key tenet of Einstein's theory of relativity that states that nothing, can exceed the speed of light.
Günter Nimtz and Alfons Stahlhofen of the University of Koblenz, Germany, have been exploring a phenomenon in quantum optics called photon tunnelling, which occurs when a particle slips across an apparently uncrossable barrier. The pair say they have now tunnelled photons "instantaneously" across a barrier of various sizes, from a few millimetres up to a metre. Their conclusion is that the photons traverse the barrier much faster than the speed of light.
We all know that's not true...they aren't "the first."

Here in Israel, you can experience "faster than light" speeds all the time.

At any random intersection in Israel when you're stopped at a red light, the average Israeli driver behind you will start honking his horn at you EVEN BEFORE the light changes to green.

Silly Scientists.

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Anonymous said...

Here is the latest driving fad in Israel.

You are driving in the middle lane of a three lane road. There is no one on the road except for you and the guy behind you, sitting on your tail.

Suddenly the guy behind you wants to turn right at the intersection up ahead.

So he swerves into the left lane, he speeds past you, and then swerves into the right lane in front of you, and then continues in one motion into the left lane. Of course, with no signaling at any point.

I honestly wonder if some racing movie came out that I missed, because these idiots all think they are on a racetrack.

This exact manuever happened to me 4 times this week.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true!!!
They must have 'ruach hakodesh.'

Lion of Zion said...

i've said this before, but from my experiences i really think israeli drivers get a bad rap. (maybe it's because i learned to drive on the streets of nyc?)

you bring up the example of red lights. one thing that amazed me the first time i drove in israel is that drivers actually stop for yellow lights (whereas here yellow is a signal to put the pedal to the metal)

Miriam said...

Very Interesting! Hilarious ending lolol

One of these days, i'll get the courage to drive here in Israel.

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

This might be an urban legend, but I once heard that an Israeli did that while at a light in Miami. Needless to say, the driver who was ahead of him didn't take to it kindly. He got out of his car, went to his trunk and pulled out a baseball bat.

One less impatient Israeli.

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