Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quick! Trash the place before the cops show up.

On second thought, we're the cops.


Today at 12:49 PM:
IDF forces evacuated several dozens of settlers who arrived at the former West Bank settlement of Homesh, Sunday.

One man was detained for questioning. IDF sources told Ynet that the tents erected by the settlers will be destroyed.
And at 1:48 PM:
Juvenile court judge states Disengagement Law no longer valid, and therefore prohibition on visiting former settlement is null

"The penal chapter of the Disengagement Law has completed its role, and therefore suspects cannot be brought before a court based on it," Judge David Gadol of the Juvenile Court in Kfar Saba ruled recently.

Gadol, who presided in a hearing on the remand extension of a teenage girl who was arrested after visiting the evacuated settlement of Homesh, said that the girl did not commit a criminal offense because the law in question – which bars Israelis from visiting the former settlement - was no longer valid.

As Ehud Olmert always says, Never let the law get in the way of a good eviction.

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nu when are you gonna go?

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