Sunday, May 24, 2009

DryBones: State of Palestine Quiz

I've always loved the Dry Bones comics by Yaakov Kirschen. He doesn't know it, but when I was a kid, my favorite t-shirt was the "Dry Bones Proteczia" t-shirt. (Little did I realize how important "proteczia" would be, when I would move to Israel...)

Whats sad though, is how the consensus of Israel's political spectrum has moved to the left over the past 30 years.

What used to be middle of the road Zionism, such as the unity of Jerusalem and many of the themes in "Dry Bones" are now considered to be "right wing." Yaakov himself recently wrote the following about a 30 year old post on Jerusalem.

Today Israel is officially celebrating Jerusalem Day! Back in 1973 this cartoon was a light joke that made folks chuckle. These days it reads like a fundamentalist manifesto.

Did it make you laugh? ...or wince? ...or pound the table and shout "right on!"?

And then he continues on the with following "State of Palestine Quiz".

Gasp. Debunking Palestinian Myths? How radically right wing...

Keep up the great work, we'll keep reading!

hat-tip: MP

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Achish Jr. said...

1. The Philistines, our ancestors 4000 years ago.
2. From the Gaza Sea to Persia, and from Egypt to past the Cedars of Lebanon
3. Gath and Salem (our Holy Center until it was captured and occupied by King Dawid)
4. Jerusalem, Gath, Nablus, Ekron, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sidon, Tyre
5. Achish
6. Phoenician which evolved into Arabic
7. Allah, but Baal before Allah spoke with Mohammad.
8. Dinar
9. Name the exchange rate of the Israeli shekel in 1947.
10. The Israelites.
11. Its the Occupation stupid.

mohammed said...

what a joke from Achish above...Show one piece of evidence that anyone today can trace their ancestry back to 'Philistines' 4000 years ago!

Tony said...


You'll find that when these questions are turned back at the Jews, YOUR lack of answers will show the true value of this little cartoon.
For instance:
Can you name one single Jewish leader, previous to 1948, who all the world's Jews followed? Has there been any leader of modern Israel who was followed and obeyed by all Jews (USA/Europe/Russia/Canada etc)? No? Then there has never been a Jewish people.
How about:
What is the currency used exclusively by Jews all over the world, and what is its value in dollars, yen, francs, pounds, etc? There isn't one? Then there has never been a Jewish people.
Carry on with your racist silliness, but see the link above to get the real answers to this insulting, sophomoric cartoon.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you let complete idiots like Tony comment on your blog.

Tony said...

Mohammed: Good point. Show me one piece of evidence that modern white-skinned "Jews" can trace their lineage back 4000 years to Abraham! Or even to David! All they have is some lists they wrote down themselves.

Anonymous (great name!): Brave post! Go read the answers, come back prepared, and try to make an intelligent point about something. You think someone's an idiot because they didn't fall for the same garbage you fell for? Did your mum teach you that?

DesertPig said...

And don't forget them darkie "Jews". Another bunch of fakes. There's no difference between them and the Arabs. They're all from the same countries. Only difference is the darkie "Jews" were smarter and pretended to be Jews and the Arabs they left behind were too stupid to pull the same trick.

DesertPig said...

And those darkie "Jews" who lived in Palestine are the same. Also Arabs. Just smarter than the other Arabs who were to stupid to pretend to be Jews. But not smart enough, because their brother Arabs knew they were playing a trick and kept beating them up and killing them for being pretend "Jews".

DesertPig said...

Those darkie "Jews" really are Phoenicians.

Phoenician is a Semitic language of the Canaanite subgroup; its closest living relative is Hebrew.

That's how they pulled that trick off. Those darkie "Jews" should go back Gath and Gaza.

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