Monday, May 18, 2009

Religious Jews are the World's Strictest Parents?

Finally -- a reality TV show that educates a bit...

The JPost reported today that two non-Jewish teenage school dropouts from Britain are now in Nof Ayalon, Israel -- participating in the filming of the BBC reality TV show, "World's Strictest Parents."

The parents are a religious-Zionist family...
The week wasn't easy for either of the youngsters, Gemma and Jack told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. Both were quickly escorted to a mall to buy "appropriate" clothes for their new lifestyle.

Jack, who describes himself as a "goth," on meeting his new family, appeared in his full-black garb, complete with heavy eye-liner, nail varnish and long unruly hair.

"It was a very strict dress code," said Jack. "[When I] turned up on the first day with it on, they didn't make a big thing out of it but said 'we don't dress this way' and 'we want to change how you dress'."

Gemma, who explained that she is more accustomed to "prancing around" in her bikini in hot climates, found the dress code challenging, but the change had a profound effect on her.

"When they explained the reason behind it, I understood it more and wanted to give it a go," she said. "When I go back to England, I'm going to dress a lot more modestly.

"I've learned so much … I think you need to respect yourself and if you cover up, you are respecting yourself, and when you get into a relationship, it's something special between yourself and the boy." (read it all here)
I wonder how strict this particular family is, and how they deal with their own children...

This could be good for my kids to see where they (and we) are in terms of the "strictness" quotient.

Additional Hat-tip: The Vicious Babushka (even though the blog thought that Nof Ayalon is a settlement...)

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Risa Tzohar said...

Well, if Nof Ayalon is not a settlement what is it? a bird? a plane?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Risa: Nof Ayalon is a community just like many settlements, but is to the West of the "Green Line" therefore is lacks the political "settlement" label.

More importantly, Obama and the US State Dept don't get worked up if someone builds a house there or renovates their home.

Shmilda said...

You'd expect more from the World's Strictest Parents. Perhaps next time they'll send the kids to the Burqa people in RBS.

Lars Shalom said...

please respect me

RivkA with a capital A said...

I found the article fascinating.

I'd love to see the show!!

I could not figure out how to find out how to watch it.

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