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Israel's Settlers Going Green for the Environment

Its not easy being a "settler" in Israel. Since the Oslo Accords and the inception of the catchphrase that settlers are an "obstacle to peace", we've had a tough time. Starting September 2000, Palestinian Policemen (in addition to your run-of-the-mill Palestinian terrorists) decided to use their CIA-training and Israel-provided rifles to shoot at us on the roads, in addition to their usual rock throwing, firebombing and terrorist infiltrations into our communities.

Even when we try to "do the right thing" when it comes to the environment, we still get a bum rap since the vast majority of Earth's ecowarriors are of the Left-leaning persuasion and are therefore unfortunately, anti-settler.

We're undeterred.

The proud Jewish settlement communities in the Judea and Samaria/West Bank are among the forefront of organic farms for eggs, goats milk and cheese, and organically grown wheat. Our organic wineries are award winning.

Solar and Wind Power for generating electricity is high on our agenda, as we explore different ways to harness the environment to produce clean energy. My settlement had a group (myself included) which is actively exploring the option of installing solar panels on our rooftops.

Almost every home in our settlement has had for years a passive solar powered hot water heater -- the "dud shemesh", as do many homes around Israel.

(photo credit to Yuval)

We recycle paper, cardboard, and glass bottles. Plastic is a bit more challenging, but I was thrilled that upon announcing to my kids that from now on, all plastic bottles and containers would be placed in bags in the kitchen and I would bring them for recycling at work -- within a day, the "switch" was done. The kids complied without hardly any fuss at all, and about twice a week all our plastic is recycled in Jerusalem.

Water recycling is a huge issue, and we're now looking at options for gray water usage to keep our lawn green during Israel's water shortage.

Last but not least, security.

Its no secret that our neck of the woods has its security challenges and many carry handguns "just in case." Just 2 weeks ago, a terrorist was killed during an attack in a settlement by a passerby with a handgun, thereby saving lives.

Just because we carry weapons doesn't mean the environment isn't important to us.

And that's why I swapped out all my Glock 19c's semi automatic's ammunition for "clean" bullets.

Winchester's "WinClean" ammunition is perfect for those who require additional security but also care about the environment.

WinClean bullets are "Brass Enclosed" -- thereby eliminating lead vaporization from the bullet's base and keeping my gun's barrel safe from "leading." Less lead in the environment is a serious issue, and we all do our part.

If only Israel's green activists looked beyond the political borders and understood that the environment is an issue that concerns all of us, on both sides of the green line, our country, and planet would be a much better place.

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Anonymous said...

Jameel? Glock 19C? Man, can you please explain why you think you need a gas-compensated 9mm Glock for?

You want to avoid, not insure, getting both blinded by the flash as well as giving your enemy 5-20 seconds to shoot you before you can see again in a night/darkeness scenario, perhaps?

Second, regarding that crappy 'winchester white box' FMJ slag - you perhaps have eaten the PC green hype, whilst failing to note that *any* FMJ ammo will minimise lead vaporisation - I'm pretty sure the 'winclean' trick has something more to do with the propellant (avoiding mercury, lead, and other gasses in indoor ranges)...

You ought to get rid of that useless rod (Jameel the Zionist and his Austrian Glock?!?) and ammo, and get one of these:
Jericho 941 .40Loaded with this:
Winchester Ranger RA40TTruth.

HolyCityPrayer said...

Anonymous, eh? I'll bet it's DoubleTapper.

HolyCityPrayer said...

BTW, the juxtaposition to the previous post should have prompted you to name this one "Recycling in Samaria"

Karl Newman said...

Ummm....Jameel? Do realize that Winclean is range/match ammo? It's not designed to be a defense load. The bullet doesn't expand. Used for self-defense, the bullet will over penetrate and cause a lot smaller wound cavity than JHP rounds. Not a good choice of ammo to use against some Pally who's trying to kill you. Forget green and get something designed to kill people. Use the Winclean for practice.

Just sayin'.

JoeSettler said...

My gun packs lead. No environment nonsense for this settler.

Anonymous said...

As a law enforcement officer and range master:
WinClean and other lead free ammo are used by us on indoor ranges. It is a poor defensive round. Additionally it cycles poorly. WinClean requently jams my duty 45cal H&K-a potentially lethal mistake as a carry round.

Mikeage said...

There may be a value in loading several FMJ rounds (shooting through a car door?), but I would also think that a hollow point would be a much better choice...

Anonymous said...

Sincere question here:
Living in U.S., info can get burbled; this is something I've watched carefully for, but have never found a goodly answer to:
What is a settler? A settlement? As compared to a "real" town, city, village?
--Ma Sands

Esser Agaroth said...


Jameel, Although I commend you on this post, it is important to point out that this is really nothing new, both out of desire and out of necessity, getting the full potential out of what we, find, and concoct.

We are really going to have to get the most out of nature, if we are going to have to survive being abandoned by the Israeli gov't, or surviving out in the wild, while they demolish our homes.

Finding sources of water will be the key... B"H we have some springs.

In the meantime, here's a shameless plug for an environmentally correct Shomron business:

Meet my neighbor, Eitan Hajbi at

elchonon said...

Hey guys,
Sorry i'm late, yes its plinking ammo.. as is all FMJ, but you cannot use JHP in israel.

Furthermore, I see no logic in replacing your carry ammo.. I shot more rounds at 1 range trip than I have fired from my gun in self defense in my life.

Ploni said...

one radical left environmentally aware westerner here that is very pro Israel (just for the record) :-)

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