Sunday, April 04, 2010

Amazing Palestinian Resurrection: Killed by IDF, Returns Home

Those Hilarious Gazans are something else!

Everyone reported last week that the 15 year old Gazan Mohammed al-Farmawi was killed by IDF fire near Rafah in the Gaza Strip as he apparently tried to cross over into Israel.

Al-Jazeera: Witnesses said Mohamed al-Farmawi was shot dead on Tuesday after he approached the fence along the border with Israel.

NY Times: Palestinian officials said the youth, Muhammad al-Farmawi, was killed by Israeli soldiers close to his home in the southern Gaza town of Rafah.

Some idiot leftist: I don't know if Mohammad was a first-born son. But his mother and father are surely crying tears as bitter as any the Israelites ever shed. Mohammad was apparently this year's sacrificial paschal lamb.

Bad News People: The teen returned home on Friday after apparently trying to cross over into Egypt via a smuggling tunnel, where he was kept for several days. The Ma'an news agency reported that his family was overwhelmed with happiness at the news. Palestinian sources said that the boy's alleged death might have been related to "internal affairs." (YNET)

Internal Affairs? As in, lets all blame Israel for another blood libel this Passover?

I wonder if this kid changed his last name from"Al-Durrah"?

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Anonymous said...

It's an Easter miracle!



NormanF said...

Its a Pessah miracle!

Proof of the existence of Ha Kodesh Boruch Hu.

If you want to know who clears the name of Israel, its Him!

Anonymous said...

"If you want to know who clears the name of Israel, its Him!

5:56 AM, April 04, 2010"

So basically, anytime we open up a missing persons case, we should blame Israel for killing the person.
I like this plan...

Shira said...

where was the funeral?

annie said...

Anonymous Mark beat me to it. I was going to claim that of course it's Easter. So He is arisen!

gih said...

wow! that's amazing. can you see what had happened in our earth today? there are many miracles, tragedies, and whatsoever it is that the Bible may coincide. wooaaa! there's something might go wrong or good happen ever again and again...

Anonymous said...

Nes in Hebrew = miracle.

Nes in arabic = internal affairs.

Yaeli said...

Dude it was almost as good as those "corpses" resurrecting themselves on the way to the "funeral" after the "Jenin" incident.

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