Tuesday, April 13, 2010

iPad Banned from Israel

Globes reports today (translated by The Muqata)

Israel's Ministry of Communications will not allow iPads into Israel.

According to the ministry, "the iPads sold today in the U.S., only match USA Standards for Wi-Fi modem transmission power."

"Israel's Wi-Fi standard is similar to the European standards," the ministry explained, "while the American standard allows for a lower power transmission. The Wi-Fi transmission component is preventing certification of the iPad in Israel. Remember, Israel and Europe has not yet begun marketing the iPad."

The Ministry of Communications contacted i-Digital, Apple's representative in Israel, requesting to get all the information about the device to confirm its certification for Israel.

To date, it is that known that a number of customers who brought iPad into the country have asked to return it abroad.

The Ministry of Communications reported that they are not currently considering a "manhunt" for the iPads that are waiting for the proper permits.

However, the second-hand market of Apple products on the Internet is growing following the launch of the iPad. The WINWIN Site published dozens of messages advertising iPads for NIS 4,000. Some of the offers have noted the iPad they are selling is "straight out of the box."

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Nate said...

Huh? Why does it matter that the WiFi transmission rates are different?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Nate: It doesnt make a technological difference, it makes a certification difference.

There are many items that aren't certified to work in Israel (high frequency home portable phones like 5 Ghz models). They work here, but they are "illegal"

Neshama said...

That stopped me from buying an iPad. It seems there is a rival which just might overtake Europe and Israel:

"The new 'WePad' tablet PC. The German maker of a new tablet computer is setting out to rival Apple's iPad with the promise of even more sophisticated technology." http://finance.yahoo.com/news/German-tablet-PC-sets-out-to-apf-890973130.html?x=0&.v=7

PS What other 'gadgets' are not allowed in Israel? Could you let us know?

zipeee said...

The USA allows transmission power up to 27dBm on 802.11g (54mb wifi). Europe's standards, similar to Israel, allow only up to 20dBm.

Also, Israel doesn't allow 5ghz wifi on the 802.11n (150-300mbps) or dual band that support (2.4ghz and 5ghz). All equipment here only supports the (overly crowded) 2.4ghz only band.

900mhz cordless phones are also banned in Israel since the IDFs equipment runs on that frequency.

Most people who bring in equipment on their flight through ben-gurion don't realize it though.

gih said...

oh! how sad to hear that from your country. iPad is really great in fact enhanced the latest features that never been in other gadgets.

techIsrael said...

the iPad ban in Israel: What it’s REALLY all about – http://blog.israeltech.net/ipad-ban/

Unknown said...

The ban is incredibly silly. Is the iPod touch allowed? It has the same wifi capability as do many other wifi enabled devices not to mention all those notebook computers.

Also, what's this about broadcasting? How/why would any WiFi enabled device send anything?

This really puts the bozos in Israel in a sad light. I would have thought they would have at least a little technological understanding.

Anonymous said...

I would highly recommend that you do no get an ipad or any apple product.

Mainly because of their treatment of Adobe and Flash. Putting money into an Iphone or IPad right now, is throwing your money away.


Anonymous said...

first of all ipad has ec0682 standard - european standard that is same as in israel. looking into fcc results for sar and power transmition it clear that the ipad does not exceed the 20dbm power allowed and there is no technical reason for the ban

so Moc lies again, like they did with iphone preventing parallel import - all this in order to protect commercial interests of somebody.....

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