Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stay Tuned: Off to Har Greizim

Jameel and friends are off to see the Shomronim's Zevach Pesach/Passover Sacrifice this afternoon/evening at Mount Greizim.

While this evening is "Pesach Sheini" for the Jewish calander, its the First Pesach for the Shomronim, and we hope to see (and video) their ceremony and celebration.

Stay tuned tonight / tomorrow for cool videos/photos/info.

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Gee a Moron said...

How does the Shomronim calendar work? Long term - Does it stay in sync with the Jewish calendar? Do the Shomronim have a set of calendar rules?

I can see Pesach being a month apart as well as a day or so apart (30 day vs. 29 day months) but Pesach always has to be in the Spring.

Anonymous said...

The Shomroni pesach is always after the spring equinox. If the 12th month of the year ends before the spring equinox, they add a 13th month.

NormanF said...

The Shomromim are not Jews. They do not follow the Jewish Torah and they do not believe Jerusalem is the proper site G-d chose for the place of His worship. They follow an admixture of Jewish along with local beliefs.

Their numbers have declined since like the Zoroastrians and unlike the Jews they do not accept converts. That is why there are only 750 or so of them alive today.

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