Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Leftover Matza Edition

Well folks, with Pesach over, here are some essential things you probably missed, as we present, the Muqata Leftover Matza news roundup edition.

- Our friend of the blog, the "DoubleTapper" is a finalist for 2010 MILBloggies in the Foreign National Military category and is the only Israeli blogger in the running. The Milbloggies Award recognizes military bloggers for their contribution to blogging, news and information, and to the military over the past year. Please do me (Jameel) a personal favor, and lets help Doubletapper win this award he covets so much (don't ask me why). Voting ends soon - go here to vote.

- Radical Leftwing Israeli and Arab threats have forced the Egged bus company to stop the ad campaign on their buses with pictures of the Beit HaMikdash on them.
A Pessah advertising campaign calling for the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem has been removed from Egged buses in the capital following complaints and threats of vandalism. Right wing group Our Land of Israel, who ordered the campaign, said it would sue Egged and Cna’an Advertising, the company that handles Egged’s advertising services, for breach of contract.

The posters, which feature an artist’s rendition of the temple alongside the quote "May the Temple be built swiftly in our lifetime," were placed on 200 Egged buses, on routes that travel through Jerusalem.

According to Our Land of Israel’s Rabbi Shay Geffen, the campaign went up prior to the holiday, but was removed before schedule. “To our sorrow Egged backed down in response to pressures from left wing and Arab organizations. They didn’t even notify us that they were taking down the posters,” said Geffen.

“We might as well shelve all the Jewish holy books that call for the rebuilding of the temple too,” said Geffen sarcastically. “These are words that every Jew utters three times a day in their prayers. I’m surprised that an established company like Egged would react in this way.” (JPost)
- The radical anti-Zionist "Gush Shalom" organization is doing its best to halt all Jewish commerce that originates in the settlement communities of Yehuda vShomron (the West Bank). In a press release (which was obviously picked up and published in Ha'aretz), they slam the "Shamir Salads" company, and urge all Jews to boycott their products, since they originate in Barkan, an industrial zone of Ariel, which employs Jews and Arabs alike.

Therefore, if you believe that Jews living in Israel deserve to earn a living, I highly recommend Shamir Salads (chumus, tehina, etc.) -- I know I will do my best to support them from now on.

- Say Cheese!

Speaking of places that deserve to be boycotted -- In this photo, a Palestinian man inspects the damage at a cheese factory which was targeted by an overnight Israeli airstrike in Gaza City on April 2, 2010. The IAF hit Hamas terror targets in response to ongoing Qassam rockets being launched at Israel.

Maybe a better caption would be, "Who moved my Cheese?" (And in the spirit of the book, perhaps if Gazans abandoned their support for Hamas, their cheese wouldn't be moved by the IAF...)


- Continuing their anti-Zionist agenda, Gush Shalom took out ads in Haaretz saying as follows:

However, a proud Israeli, Shmaryahu Beckerman was disgusted by the Gush Shalom trash ad, and paid for a new ad which appeared in the print version of Haaretz this past Friday:

"Now please heal us from Gush Shalom.
Many in Israel will be be grateful"

- Those Funny Turks! See how they try to bash Israel, but end up offending Palestinian terrorists in IDF jails.

- Finally, LATMA put out an excellent version of "Chad Gadya" -- "Chad Baita" -- the one house my father built for me with 2 zuzim (coins).

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Anonymous said...

Ok, my Hebrew is pretty good, but when it comes to translating fake aramaic I could use some help :-) anybody able to post a translation to the chad gadya parody?

The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

Translation now available here. I would post it here, Jameel, but it's a bit long.

gih said...

That garbage can help people recycle and earn money.

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