Monday, July 18, 2011

Tent City Protests Around Israel. Why?

Almost overnight, a new sensationalist "tent-city" protest has sprung up in cities around Israel.

Ostensibly, the protest is apolitical, demanding a social housing agenda to lower housing prices in Israel. The "Israel Today" newspaper claims the tent city protests are funded and organized by the "National Left" organization, but I understand that right wing groups such as Im Tirtzu have joined as well.

Anyone with a brain in their head knows that the current housing crisis has nothing to do with the current government; the policies of the past 10 years have brought us to where we are today; the Barak Government, the Sharon Disengagement Government, the Olmert and Livni government. Israel has been building 10,000 homes less per year than they should have for the past 10 years.

However, I understand that this year for the first time in a decade, there will be a surplus of 5000 homes built (meaning, additional 15000 homes built above the past decade's annual average)

Two questions remain: If this really is an apolitical issue, why are tent city protestors holding up signs (pictured right) which say, "To Overthrow the Government of Wealth." Shouldn't it say, "Housing for all?"

How come not one TV or radio commenter has asked a government official, "Has the Jewish building freeze in Judea and Samaria contributed the growing prices for homes in the rest of the country?"

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Shawarma said...

The left's old trick, attack the rightist government on social issues, like they did to Shamir in 91 - while their only real agenda in Israel is to impose unilateral concessions to Arabs.

David said...

are u just pissed that this uprising might lead to the overthrow of this government? Are you petrified that this move will stop the fundamentalists that you support from continuing their onslaught of racist and undemocratic laws ?

Anonymous said...

David's been reading too much Haaretz

Miriam Woelke said...


I went to Rothschild Boulevard yesterday and heard many demonstrators calling for Bibi to resign. When I mentioned that its not only his fault that landlords ask for exaggerated rents, the conversation was over.

Usually it is left - wing orhanizations like SHATIL supporting those kind of demonstrations. Meaning, Shatil provides tents and posters. Or do you think that the demonstrators draw their own posters ?
When they come, everything is ready and set up. This is the package deal from Shatil.

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