Sunday, July 30, 2006

4 Av - July 30th

5:49 PM 3 Katyushas hit Acco. No report of wounded. 4 Kasams in Ofakim, one woman hurt. 4 in Kiryat Bialik.

5:35 PM Where's the outrage! 3 Katyushas fell in Kfar Kana yesterday. Oh...yeah...that Kefar Kana is in Israel, near Nazareth.

5:30 PM 4 Kasam rockets fall on Mivtachim, no injuries, damage to storage area. More then 100 rockets fall in North so far today.

5:23 PM IDF states they have proof areas hit in Kfar Kana were being used by Hizbullah terrorists. Rumors surface that main explosions were from Katyusha stored in buildings.

5:22 PM Counter the propaganda - Australian Herald Sun publishes pictures smuggled out of Lebanon of Hizbullah emplacements in civilian population centers.

4:18 PM Magen David Adom reports 57 treated to day for injuries related to rocket attacks.

3:32 PM The terrorist cell responsible for the murder of of Dr. Yakobi from Yakir has been captured.

2:52 PM One seriously wounded when Katyusha hits house in Kiryat Shmoneh. Update: The wounded individual is a writer for the HaAretz newspaper.

2:32 PM Katyusha in Chatzor, one lightly wounded.

1:45 PM 3 wounded in rocket attack in Kiryat Shmoneh.

1:13 PM One moderately wounded when Kasam falls in factory in Sderot.

12:50 PM Interior Security Minister Yuval Diskin confident Gilad Shalit is alive and well in Gaza

11:43 AM 85 rockets so far today.

11:17 AM Rockets reported to have fallen in Ma'alot

11:15 AM Terrorist caught in Shchem area with explosive belt, warning level lowered.

11:07 AM 47 Rockets have fallen so far in the North, 10 lightly wounded. Air Force attack in Kfar Kana in Lebanon leaves upto 65 dead. Army spokesman state that area was used as launch site for rockets and ample warning was given for civilians to leave the area, therefore the blame rests upon Hizbullah for using them as human sheilds and the Lebanese Government for not preventing it.

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Phil said...

A debate going on here;


Anonymous said...

Yeah start packing your stuff, we are going to send you back to khazaria with the rest of the judeo-nazi ashkenazie and start fasting as well, we are going to feed you all the talmuds we can get hold of, you will be sorry there wasn´t any death chambers and no holocaust cuz it would have been cakewalk compared to what´s coming to you.

We´d rather drown into vomit than let you get away with it. you bunch of sisi, you think you are so strong because of your hitech gizmo that the US (home of the dumbs lands of the cowards) give you as freebies, you are a bunch of faggets, try fighting hezbollah on an equal basis, see who´s the looser that will run away from the fight. The goyims are coming for you and you will pay the price big time...

Burn Israel burn

Phil said...

OK 'anonymous' (funny how such people always are 'anon' isn't it!).

The Arab side had a chance at a homeland in 1948, and rejected that deal because they wanted it all - then lost the ensuing war.

The arab side has lost EVERY ensuing engagement since.

Rule 1, The Israelis ALWAYS win.

Rule 2, If you lot ever look like doing what your fantasies play out in your mind re Israel, then we (ie the west, the Anglosphere, the allies', the good guys, will give you a hiding that will make what happened to the Germans and the Japanese look like a tea party.

(Just remind me fella, how long did the Iraqi army last against the Americans in '91 - 100 hours. The same army which Iran couldn' beat in 8 YEARS. That's even better than the 6 -10 days the Israelis usually take to beat the crap out of your lot).
Maybe you should worry about what happens if your lot were to REALLY piss offf the Israelis (and/or the west).

You may think your side is 'making a statement. Truly, you are playing with hell's fire!

Anonymous said...

hey jew, why not post the following

12:31am - dejavu after 6 years in Qana, israel massacres 60+ civilians, 37 of them children.

Litvshe said...

Not that I want to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent...

According to the laws of war, if someone stages attacks from a populated area, those combatants are responsible for the deaths of those civilians. Therefore you should be blaming Hizbullah for the death of those civilians.

But then again, from your point of view, you don't have any problem with Jewish civilians being killed, so you obviously could care less about any other civilians.

Take it elsewhere please.

mj said...

you don't have any problem with Jewish civilians being killed


Do you have any problem with Muslims and Christians getting killed in Lebanon? Why should others have problem with faint-hearted people like you to get hurt?

Lurk said...

Just a thought I had yesterday. If you believe in coincident fate, Ariel Sharon, a man who I think embodies well the spirit and contradictions of Israel, is now at death's door. A soldier who had a dream of creating a country where jewish culture could endure without ever again be cornered by the bigoted prejudices of medieval Europe, who had blood on his hands, who probably is responsible directly for massacres of children, yet one has to think, sometimes, that those with the cleanest hands have more to be ashamed of. Is'nt Israel right now fading, like Ariel Sharon's life, before our very eyes? Not the country, the people, the material, but the dream of a vibrant judaic culture? Is'nt endless war and collateral deaths taking away the elegant philosophical character that has charmed and infuriated so many over the centuries, is Israel changing to become just one more materialistic society waging cynical battles again'st extremist resistance? To quote the often misinterpreted philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche,
"He who fights against monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster in the process. And when you stare persistently into an abyss, the abyss also stares into you."
I watch with sadness the slow agony of two societies in the middle-east. We'll just have to see, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hezbollah are cowards who deliberately shoot at civilian population centers. That is their stated goal - every time they get hit by the Israelis the coward Nasrallah announces that they will fire missles deeper into Israel. Hezbollah fires missles from civilian areas of Lebanon, with unmatched cowardice hiding behind the skirts of women and the blankets of babies. Hezbollah knows that it gains when their civilians are accidentally struck by the Israelis who are going after the cowards based in the civilian centers who are targeting the civilians of Israel -this is a public relatiions coup for Hezbollah.

Litvshe said...

I will say it straight out again. The only people to blame for civilian deaths in Lebanon are the Hizbullah terrorists who hide behind them. Israel, and all normal countries for that matter, has no obligation to let its citizens be put at risk by unprovoked attacks, even at the cost of innocent civilians in the attacking country. So please, spare me your pap. Israel goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties. It gives advance warning of incoming attacks. It allows time for civilians and for that matter combatants to leave the area before attacks. On the other hand, Hizbullah has, until this day only attacked civilian targets. Without warning, without any military goal, just a desire to kill non-combatants.

As I said, please take it elsewhere.

AJay said...

Jameel - please link to this film.

Obsession: What The War on Terror Is Really About

The events of the 1930's are repeating themselves.

Rebecca said...

Please, delete the really offensive anti-semitic comments!

Combat18 said...

So tell us how did that make you feel shelling families on Gaza beach ?

You starte the whole thing up...

Anonymous said...

The Israeli-US axis of evil has just entered a new dimension of conflict. Be prepared for the worst fellas.


Israel and The USA "WILL" prevail !

You can take that to the bank !


This is all I need to know. I think people with a brain "know" whats going on here. God bless Israel. Do what you need to do to protect your country and your people. !!!

150 rockets fired from Qana

On Sunday evening, Air Force Chief of Staff Brig.-Gen. Amir Eshel reported that some 150 rockets had been fired from Qana over the past 20 days.

Speaking to reporters, Eshel added that Hizbullah rocket launchers were hidden in civilian buildings in the village. He proceeded to show video footage of rocket launchers being driven into the village following launches.

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