Monday, July 31, 2006

5 Av July 31

Early morning roundup

Fighting in Taiybeh leaves 6 soldiers wounded and at least 3 terrorists dead. Doubt begins to form over cause of deaths in Kfar Kana, IDF states that bombing raids occured at Midnight-1 AM, explosion causing civilian casualties around 8 am, possible that secondary explosion of stored arms was the cause. Kasam rocket fired over Negev at around 6 AM, no damage reported. IDF once more calls for non-combatants to move North of Litani. Air Force to reign in activities for next 48 hours. Ground based activities on the rise. In action in Kfar Adaisah soldiers from Nachal and Engineering corps as well as Tank corps captured large cache of armaments, intelligence material as well as IDF uniforms.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael



Oh my. The uniform thing is not good. They are turning to nasty tactics now. They must be desparate. Keep on with the updates. I support you all 1000%. God bless Israel always !


ON FOX NEWS TONIGHT SOMEONE BY THE NAME OF Mayssam, Zaaroura in Beruit,was a commenter on Greta Van Sustrens show. WONDER HOW MUCH SHE WAS PAYED TO TELL SUCH OUTRAGIOUS LIES. She was saying that Hezbalahh hod not reason to lauch their rockets form any areas that had people there. ..that there was far to many isolated areas in which they could do so. Now lets see those pictures that were smuggled out of Lebanon that reporters did of the Killers sitting on their rocket launchers with people in and not in uniforms among the public in public places.

Pleez get that lying women off my TV screen. Come on Greta you can do better than that.

I am getting tired of all the liars that coe on TV and tell these lies. It makes me sick.

Israel needs more TV time and need to show pictures and proof of all these lying scum in Lebanon.

These people in LEBANON make me sick. They are war mongers, killers and terrorists. Nothing more nothign less. Even demons from hell.
I am sorry but I really get wound up. I know the truth and there are many many more liek me that know the truth as well.

God bless Israel always.

Now, Condi is on TV. Talking about peace. Yeah right Condi. Good luck to ya. I am sorry she has the job of doing what she is supose to do.
The only answer is to eliminate the terrorist, all of them. There will never be any peace until this happens. Not ever. Does anyone really think for a minute that these murderers that call themselves Humas and Hezlabloh and Al Quieda will simply bow down and say okay? I don't think so. I am a realist. How bout you?

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