Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Comment Fest Conspiracy!


(That's about all I can say)

What the heck is this - I get locked out of my own comment party? No matter what I type...or even try logging in as a new user (Jameel2), blogger won't let me add comments to my previous comment thread...I changed IP addresses -- everything!

Whoops - MDA call this second. Gotta go. Oh...I can't. My wife's not here! Oh man...this is bad.

UPDATE; Ok...other Hatzala people just responded. Yikes. That never happened to me before.

OK...I can't even comment on this posting either! I totally apologize for this pathetic situation...and thank you all for joining! (I'm reading all these posts, and can't even comment).


Sheesh...blogger can really mess up a party.

In any event - thanks everyone! It's been lots of fun. Hopefully I'll have something more meaningful for tomorrow to post...

Layla Tov! (And mazal tov to AirTime again on his aliya last week)


Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael...even if blogger won't let me comment. jerks.


Chana said...

It's your party, and you'll cry if you want to???

That's OK, we think it's a blast! Thanks for the invite! :)

Don't forget the party favors next time ;) (And make sure Sarah gets invited!)

holy hyrax said...

wait a minute. The party is just starting. we need to have a goal of 900 comments.

StepIma said...

you totally brought this on yourself, you know.


Scraps said...

This was fun! Thanks for hosting the party, Jameel! :)

Irina Tsukerman said...

That definitley was a lot of fun! We should definitely do it again sometime!

Chana said...

Wait! Do you guys realize...

wait for it...

Blogger crashed the party!

(rim shot)

exsemgirl said...

how did you manage that????

Limey2001 said...

can you comment on other blogs?

StepIma said...

he can't comment anywhere

Theoretically, if we were the mocking sort of people, we could make use of this opportunity to say whatever we wanted to about Jameel, and he couldn't do anything about it.


King Hyrax said...



Ezzie said...

Hyrax - I'm going to step on you soon. :)

King Hyrax said...

you cannot step over a KING

Ezzie said...

On, not over. :)

King Hyrax said...

not even on. By the end, you will pay tribute to me.

Ezzie said...

Ha! You can't even reach me. (Really, I wonder if you can... ;) )

King Hyrax said...

I can if I wanted to. I just wish to spare you. You will make a good leg rest. But don't be fooled, I know exactly where you are and my spies are everywhere. Jameels children are already on my side.

Jameel Kids said...

King Hyrax is the the most powerful and handsomest

Ezzie said...

LOL. Well, they are on your level... ;)

King Hyrax said...

and just what do you mean by that???????

~ Sarah ~ said...

next time, can you announce it with more notice? that way I can try to be around (ie... set an alarm for some odd hour of the night to go to a blog/comment party... how geeky does that sound?!)


Rebecca said...

maybe I will throw the next party

Ezzie said...

and just what do you mean by that???????

Hehehe :)

Dot Co Dot Il said...

Your blog is beginning to resemble that of a certain master of dating.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Heh heh...Im baaaack!


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Ezzie: What was that comment about my kids?! Harumph to you! Maybe they WONT visit you now...

DCDI: Huh? I have no clue what you're talking about it.

Sarah: Yes, I apologize for the late notice...it was an experiment (and blogger totally crashed my party)...that was SO annoying...locked out of my won party?!?!?

Irina: Next party will be waaay more organized! (But yes, we'll definitely do this again... :)

StepIma: BWAHAHAHAHA to you too!

King Hyrax: What a PATHETIC name! Holy sounds SO much better... (but thanks for keeping things lively while I was locked out). I guess settlers are used to lockdowns.

Scraps: Glad you came by for the party!

Limey: It was AWFUL! Ill have to figure out for the next party how to ensure this problem doesn't recur.

ExSemGirl: Thanks for the encouragement when blogger had me down.

Chana: I'll definitely make sure the next party is much more organized (and yes, I'll make sure Sarah knows about it in advance)

Ezzie: How am I going to reply now to everything you said yesterday?

Ezzie said...

Jameel - I was making fun of a certain "King", and complimenting your kids! And I've been looking, but I still haven't seen your kids. I have seen pictures of them all over the blogosphere, though... and especially in AIM convos.

King Hyrax said...

Is Lord Supreme Hyrax better?

Bagel Blogger said...

mmm seems like I missed the party again.
let me know next time we all get to pick on Jameel!
Especially when he cant answer!

regards Aaron

kasamba said...

Well, I have to say- since my my comments section got completely hijacked. I do have what to say on this subject.

Fun as it is to watch and add to I think I'd reather have fewer but more pertinent comments.

tafka PP said...

Do none of you have jobs?!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

QassamBa: Next time, I hope to have a more focused comment party (with food :)

Tafka PP: Most of this was done last night...

Ezzie: OK..much better :) (maybe you will see them!

Irina Tsukerman said...

Whoo!Glad to see you back!

A Frum Idealist said...

Thta sucks. Sorry I had to drop out when I did. You still ended up with 319 comments. WOW!

I love the new tagline/footer. :-)

Limey2001 said...

We need to get more people involved.....

DTC said...

We all know what happened. Jameel was attacked by more ideologically pure bloggers for having donated umpteen million pounds to the Royal V&A in London to open the new exhibit hall:

The Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art


rockofgalilee said...

Tafka: the people without jobs dont have time to blog.

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