Friday, July 28, 2006

Smelling the coffee

Not that I'm generally big on polls, public opinion is notoriously fickle, but I thought this was interesting.
Most telling is the overwhelmingly numbers that believe that the disengagement from Lebanon and Gaza led to the recent Hezzbolah attack. 64 % agree and 31% disagree that disengagement led to the attack.

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Anonymous said...

Shabbat SHALOM.

Chana said...

I think they would have attacked regardless- with, without, it doesn't matter. This just happens sagain and again, a cycle...

Anonymous said...

Rather than shooting missles at Lebanon and Gaza, Just go in capture them all load them on a boat and take them all out to sea and dump them off to the sharks.

End of violence. Just kidding. Wishful thinking. Wish it was that simple.

Thanks for all the updates on what is going on there today. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe waht cowards these Hizbullah are. They drive to these little towns that have populations of kids all across the border and set up there damn missles and shoot them off and run.
They are trying to make the world think that Israel kills children. These people are sick sick sick. And the people there back them because they give them free food pay their bills and shelter them. They take their young men and train them to battle their cowards wars.
They need to be doen away with once and for all. All of them.


Israel, God bless you and your people. Do whatever it takes to destroy them all.

Anonymous said...

Ps...sorry for the typos above. I was upset as I was typing. :O(

Anonymous said...

Any news for today yet ??

I hope today can be a day of piece for Israel.

Anonymous said...

evil ruthless killers are all these people that try to do harm to you are.

USA said...

Thinking of you all today. Be safe.

Off to a high school reunion tonight for me.


Hi guys...The reunion was fun and it started off with a prayer ! That was a nice way to start and you people of Israel were also in that prayer.

God bless you all. :O)

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