Monday, July 17, 2006

Updates from Israel - Monday, July 17th

Good evening Blog World - I'm tired. Very tired. Going to sleep now...will update in the morning. I certainly hope Hizbolla takes a break so that I can get some sleep, and that the IDF can target them and kill them while they sleep.

To the residents of Israel: A Peaceful Evening! (if possible)

Regards from the Muqata in the hills of the Shomron...


11:28 PM Shul hit in Tzefat -- 4 wounded.

11:25 PM Tzav-8 (emergency draft notices). At the behest of the Minister of Defence, Tzav-8 orders are being delivered now to IDF infantry reserve soliders

11:20 PM Katyusha's landed in Maalot.

11:13 PM Others reports what I will not write when it's still censored.

11:08 PM Miracle Up North. Katyusha rocket narrowly misses "medical facility" -- only 10 wounded by shell shock.

11:06 PM Northern Yizrael Valley - all residents ordered into bomb shelters.

11:03 PMMassive gunfire exchange at the foot of Har Dov/Shaaba Farm area -- foreign news services claim IDF attempting to enter south Lebanon.

10:57 PM Tzfat Location hit by rocket...IDF censor prohibiting publication at this time.

10:43 PM 3 Katyusha rockets hit Haifa Rockets hit Tzefat. MDA investigating that a rocket may have hit a location with many people...(IDF censor preventing publication of location, and other stories)

10:41 PM: Lebanese News Site "The Lebanese Foundation for Peace" has the following news flash: MISSING ISRAELI SOLDIERS HELD AT THE IRANIAN EMBASSY IN BEIRUT
Delicate Intelligence information coming out of Hezbollah indicated that the 2 missing captives of the Israeli Army Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev have been smuggled outside Southern Lebanon to the capital.

They are secretly being held at the Embassy of Iran in Beirut, under direct Iranian security guards supervision.

10:35 PM Incoming Missiles into Haifa- sirnes throughout the city...(I can barely keep up with those Hizbolla bastards)

10:31 PM Explosions heard in Kiryat Shemona and Metulla (ostensibly, Katuyusha rockets exploding) No Reports of wounded. MDA responding.

10:27 PM Ongoing Air Raid Sirens in Tzefat and Carmiel.

10:24 PM: More Air Raid Sirens in Natzrat and Tzefat.

10:20 PM: No injuries in the previous minutes attacks.

10:15 PM Additional Rockets falling in Tzefat, Afula, Rosh Pina and Carmiel. Air Raid Sirens continue to blare throughout the Galilee.

10:07 PM Katushya Rockets falling in Tzfat, Air Raid Sirens heard throughout the Western Galilee.

10:06 PM Some Pictures from Israel.

Girls in Kiryat Shemona send personalized messages to Hizbolla.
Pictures taken by Erez Ben-Simon -

8:40 PM: Israeli police categorically deny the Fatah claim that an IDF Border policeman was kidnapped.

8:33 PM Breaking News Update: The IAF plane/helicopter which Hizbolla/Lebanon claimed was shot out of the sky over Beirut today [and reported on Lebanese News] was actually a large Hizbolla rocket launched towards Israel -- which was intercepted and blown out of the sky by the Israel Air Force! (Channel 2 TV news update NOW)

Addendum: Channel 2 NEWS is now saying it MAY have been shot out of the air or maybe malfunctioned. In any event, it was a very large looking rocket that fell back down to earth in Beirut.

6:30 PM Here's a cool video of the IDF and IAF in action. (When there's a lull in reporting...we try to boost everyone's morale)

6:09 PM Can you keep it down a bit? I'm trying to daven...

IDF Soldier in morning prayer, as IDF tank fires towards south Lebanon (hat-tip: chewbacca)

5:30 PM: Air Raid sirens sounding in Carmiel.

5:20 PM: Heard from Maalot - massive IDF tank/artillery fire torwads South Lebanon.

5:16 PM: IDF Judea/Samaria District Command says Fatah's kidnapping claim psychological warfare. Fatah terrorists claim name of kidnapped IDF Border Policeman's name is Fuad Ibrahim Majad. IDF investigating report...

5:01 PM: Air Raid sirens going off in Tzefat - residents ordered into bomb shelters.

4:50 PM Psychological Warware?: Fatah/Al-Aksa terrorists claiming to have kidnapped an IDF border policeman in the West Bank. No confirmation from any Israeli news service.

4:46 PM UPDATED Nausea News Story of the Day: (not for the queasy) Concerning the IDF soldier killed this morning in Shechem:

Some body parts of the dead soldier were left behind, Palestinian witnesses said. Hundreds of Palestinians later gathered at the scene to view parts of the soldier's leg, and many of them reacted with celebratory chants, the witnesses said. (JPost)
The army had threatened dire retribution if the soldier's body part was not returned -- and apparently, the leg was returned. St.-Sgt. Osher Damari's funeral will be held Monday evening at 6 p.m. in the military section of the Netanya cemetery

4:40 PM: 2 Qassam rockets hit Sderot-- one on HaAliya Street, One near Amdocs in an open field.. No injuries reported...(yeshanews)

4:33 PM Shachar Adom warning system in Sderot (southern Israel) incoming Qassam rockets...

4:28 PM Ministry of Transportation closes Haifa seaport "untill further notice" after briefly re-opening it today. IDF officially confirms that no IAF plane or helicopter was downed over Beirut.

4:21 PM Channel 2 Israel TV reports that South Golan Heights residents ordered into Bomb Shelters; possible incoming Katyusha rockets from Syria (reportedly launched from Syrian side of Mount Hermon area)

4:18 PM Residents of Haifa and Akko being told to remain in bomb shelters.

3:58 PM IDF Homefront Command: Since 1:00 PM today over 30 rockets have been fired at Haifa.

3:48 PMMDA reports 6 wounded in building collapse; one serious, three moderate, 2 light. Police confirm no trapped people in rubble. (please ignore the police, they have no clue)

3:12 PMCNN Reports IDF ground forces entering South Lebanon.

3:11 PM Rocket strikes continue to hi the North -- reports of rocket hits in Nazereth and Upper Nazereth.

3:09 PM Direct hit by rocket on 3-story house in Hafia - entire building collapses. Emergency Rescue and Medical Teams converging on the site.

2:58 PM Rockets Land in Migdal HaEmek and Tiverya -- No Injuries reported in Migdal HaEmek.

2:51 PM Speaking to fellow blogger on the phone in Haifa, as he quickly walks scrambles down the stairs with his family to his bomb shelter, as air raid siren blares in the background... (more here on YNET)

2:40 PM Additional Katusha strikes reported in Carmiel. (no injuries reported)

2:37 PM Air raid sirens in Afula, Katyusha rockets strike Maalot. (no injuries reported)


2:34 PM Katyusha rockets continue to rain down over Northern Israel - Akko, Kiryat Chaim, Haifa. No injuries reported.

2:33 BREAKING NEWS: Lebanese News Sources report IAF plane or IAF Apache Helicopter has been shot down over Beirut. Conflicting Reports, No confirmation from IDF.

1:53 PM Katyusha rockets land in the Golan Heights.

1:45 PM Rockets land all over North: Haifa, Tzefat, Nahariya and other locations. No injuries reported.

1:22 PM Nausea News Story of the Day: France sent Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin to Beirut on Monday to express support and solidarity for Lebanon, President Jacques Chirac's office said. (JPost)

1:15 PM In Carmiel attack, there are a few victims of shell-shock. (lightly wounded)

1:00 PM Direct Katyusha hit on house in Carmiel. Emergency crews trying to determine if there are wounded.

12:53 PM: Katyusha rockets hit Carmiel...MDA units responding.

12:50 PM: Name of IDF solider killed this morning in Shechem, released for publication: Sergeant Osher Damari, 20 from Netanya

12:13 PM This past evening, over 20 Qassam rockets were fired at Southern Israel, hitting Sderot, Nachal Oz, and other locations. 2 people were slightly wounded by shrapnel when a Qassam rocket landed in their backyard.

11:45 AM Here's what the sirens sound like up North (near Haifa) from within a bomb shelter...

11:10 AM: Israeli Police stop suspicious Palestinian in Jerusalem (Kikar Tzahal) -- discover large explosive device in his bag. Terrorist arrested, taken in for questioning. (note: we are VERY lucky)

11:00 AM: IDF Homefront Command reissues advisement for Central Israel residents to be near buildings and bomb shelters in case of attack.

10:59 AM: Israel's Ministry of Transportation reopens the Haifa seaport.

10:25 AM: Last night around 3 AM, an IDF patrol in Shechem was ambushed Palestinian terrorists threw an explosive device at the patrol. A firefight ensued, resulting in the death of 1 IDF soldier, 1 wounded seriously, 2 moderately, and 3 lightly. Due to the firefight, it took a long time for the IDF to extricate thw wounded. One of the wounded soliders is the son of Yair Naveh, commander of IDF Central Region.

Lots of katuyusha's last night...will update soon.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Jauhara said...

Jameel, I wish, that every time the police or IDF found a Palestinian with an explosive device on him (or her) an instant sentence of death would be imposed.

Dot Co Dot Il said...

Think you should color code your updates. When we do something good maybe put it in blue and when something bad happens to us put it in red or have various degress of bad - orange, yellow etc. Neutral can stay black.

~ Sarah ~ said...

thanks again for the updates...
still praying that things improve...

(dot co dot il - clever idea!)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

DCDI: Nice idea! I think I'll try it (provided I have the time!)

Sarah: sorry for the delay...we're all OK!

Jauhara: As long as none of the IDF or police get hurt, then it's OK with me!

kollel mama said...

The French are absolutely sick.

BubbyT said...

thank you for keeping us, those worried in the golah, up to date.

Anonymous said...

For more updates and how to help go to

Mike Miller said...

Wow. That's amazing news from the French... they're actually going somewhere dangerous.

Maybe they want to surrender to the Israelis?

(Yes, I know, they were helpful to us in earlier years, other wars, etc... this is just a cheap french joke (yes, there's a metajoke there about cheap french ____))

Ari Kinsberg said...

As I posted today on the French:

". . . Even fewer people remember that a minute after the attack on the American soldiers [in 1983, allegedly by Hezbollah], the French headquarters in Beirut was also leveled by a suicide bomber, killing fifty-eight paratroopers.

And fewer people than this remember the French response: an attack against Iranian military posts in Lebanon.

How we Americans and our French 'allies' have such short memories."

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say your blog is awesome. I'm using it as news at the moment, so much better than the news websites. Thanks!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

anonymous: thanks! :)

Pragmatician said...

indeed not for the queasy...too bad for me a warning like that just increases my curisoity.

Eli said...

I am using your blog as the main news source too. Much faster than everyone else. Do you have any more pics to post?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Eli - Maybe later I'll put up some pictures (this evening).

Pragmat: I *did* warn you...

Fern R said...

11:10 AM: Israeli Police stop suspicious Palestinian in Jerusalem (Kikar Tzahal) -- discover large explosive device in his bag. Terrorist arrested, taken in for questioning. (note: we are VERY lucky)

Not lucky. Good. You have at least a few competant police officers.

PsychoToddler said...

The Palestinians are turning into quite the 5th column. How unexpected.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Fern: Yes, we have a few :)

PT: Yes...and it's also shocking that Hizbolla decided to start using their missiles as well. Who would have thought...

Truth said...


Surface to air missile hits 'leaflet container' on IAF aircraft (aircraft unharmed); flaming container falls, scores direct hit on a truck carrying Katyushas; missle falls off of truck, hits ground and fires into Beirut...

What can one say about something like that?


blueenclave said...

Jameel, you are better than the JPost today.

Elie said...

The video posted at 6:30 pm is cool. And I love the "Pirates of the Carribbean" accompanying theme for the first half!

This is the best of all the liveblogging sites I've tried.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the vidio, and for the updates.praying that things that will improve

Holy Hyrax said...

Great video. Where do I sign up?

Fern R said...

Have you seen this map of Mid East bloggers over at Truth Laid Bear? Apparently he needs a little help refining it.

Anonymous said...

Although the top picture is different, I look at the little girls writting on missiles and I can't not think of the little Hamas boys carrying machine guns.

Soliders writing on missles is one thing, but that is just not a place for little children to be and not something adults should encourage them to do.

YMedad said...

Seems the missile was ignited by sharpnel from an exploding Israeli incoming and it went into the iar without guidance and fell back down. It was the one intended for Tel Aviv.

Somewhat Anonymous said...

anon 10:11 - while I had a similar instinctive reaction to that, I think there are 2 major distinctions to be made.

Firstly the problem with Hamas boys with machine guns is mostly that its Hamas (an organization dedicated to murdering Jews) and less about the machine guns. By contrast, unless you subscribe to the moral equivalency view of things (which I doubt), the artillery here is being used legitimately in self-defense to kill those same murderers. So I see no problem on that front - these are the good guys.

The second argument would be against exposing children to violence and warfare so closely in any event. While I agree with this point generally, these girls live in Kiryat Shmona - they are already subject to violence and warfare courtesy of Hezbollah's rockets. At that point I see little harm in letting them be involved in the warfare that is necessary to defend their homes.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

anonymous: Not my kids. Im just reporting the news.

You are invited to Kiryat Shemona and inform these kids what you think...

Sweettooth120 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sweettooth120 said...

Thanks for the updates.

As for the pic of the girls writing on the missiles, I find that really disturbing. I would hope others would agree too, especially since if that was the other side doing that, I can just imagine everyone's reaction to it.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:11 again.

Like I said the situations are different and not morally equivalent. The fact that I thought about the Hamas children bothers me.

I guess what bothers me in this case is that the children are not being involved in warfare to defend their homes. They are doing an art project on a missile. If it was a picture of children bring water and food to soldiers, I'd be ok. If it was even children coming to give the soliders hugs, entertainment, or support, I'd be ok. Still something about them playing with missiles is very bothersome.

PsychoToddler said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PsychoToddler said...

I have to agree with some of the others, in that I also found the picture of the girls disturbing. Too many parallels to what our enemies teach their children. We have to teach our children to protect themselves and fight our enemies. We don't have to teach them to enjoy it.

Fern, I followed your link to TTLB and found a bunch of Arab blogs. I have to say that I found what they write to be sickening. If that's what our counterparts, the "intelligent" Arab blogging community, thinks about us, there isn't much hope for peace.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

PT: I don't really have an opinion on the matter right now...slightly too busy blogging this stuff.

Ezzie said...

TTLB himself is great, just as a note... and it's good to see what they're writing. It's good to see the truth about the Arab civilians around the world, instead of hearing how the people aren't pro-terrorism.

Shoshana said...

Thank you for the constant updates.

PsychoToddler said...

Jameel: You should get a Pulitzer for this...I mean a Blogitzer.

(sounds like some kind of yiddish ailment: "Oy..I got problems mit mine blogitzer!")

Ezzie said...

Regarding the photo... I was wondering about them being right by artillery, but I'm assuming the army wouldn't allow it unless it was deemed safe. It could be that they are safer near the tanks for whatever reason.

Regarding the writing on the shells... I don't view it the same way as others. These are shells on a truck, not live machine guns around someone's neck in their arms. They are writing messages of their own imagination, not being led in a chant of "Death to the Arabs." They are not celebrating the deaths of innocent Lebanese. They are writing messages to Nassralah and Hizbollah.

Fern R said...

PT--I haven't had a chance to read the blos linked to, but (1) I think it's important to monitor anti-Israel blogs, and (2) pro-Israel blogs need to be added to TTLB's list, which is why I linked to his request for help. TTLB is not anti-Israel or anti-semetic (Ezzie hosts a TTLB community for the JBlogosphere at TTLB), we just need to take advantage of the tools out there to make sure that the pro-Israel message is being heard by people outside the Jewish community (which is why I posted the links).

bsci said...

pt. There are several reasonable lebanon blogs. I definitely don't agree with some of what is said there, but they seem to hate Hezbollah and want long term peace.
Note that these both have several writers and some are more sane than others.

Fern R said...

PT--I've had an opportunity to more closely look at the list of represented bloggers, Israelis are pretty well represented as you can see near the middle of this page.

kasamba said...

I know what I would have written on those rockets!

Stay safe!

Ezzie said...

Fern - Yes. NZ Bear actually contacted me about putting up the map and list of blogs, and I did so on JBlogosphere.

Emah S said...

Jameel, I'm so bothered by that picture of the young girls signing the I alone???

Thanks for all the updates, we're trying to keep things as normal as possible here for the kids and are not putting on the news during the day, so it's good to be able to pull up your blog and get updates.

Mike Miller said...

I'm also bothered by the picture of the girls signing artillery shells. Soldiers are supposed to do such things, but civilian kids?

Actually, I'm bothered by something else. The kids are writing in both Hebrew and English, but the English, at least, is not so good (the closest shell says "To Nazrala [sic] whit[sic] love/from Israel"). Why is this written in English, and who actually wrote it? From the dress, they don't look particularly religious, but the majority of kids from English speaking homes tend to come from religious families. I'd expect native born Israelis to write primarily in Hebrew (after all, it's unlikely that anyone to whom the message is address is actually going to read it). I don't know why these pictures were taken (but they weren't on a truck... they appear to be on the ground, as the girls are crouching to write), but something just screams "media op" to me...

Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

Ezzie said...

Mike - There are *tons* of Anglo families in Israel, especially up in the Golan. I'd guess that they simply misspelled the words - otherwise, they'd have taken better pics of the words themselves.

Mike Miller said...

Ezzie -- I'm aware that there are a lot of Anglos here ... living in Ramat Bet Shemesh emphasizes that point all too much. Nevertheless, most of the Anglo families I know tend to more slightly more religious... I'm just commenting on a feeling that I got. Something didn't quite add up... maybe I'm making too big of a deal out of this.

Granted, many Anglo children here have the world's worst spelling (I have a co-worker, born in the US, raised in an English speaking family, who once spelled door as dore). Still, something says "(somewhat) staged" to me. Maybe I'm just too jaded.

saul said...

info on the kids writing on shells picture.
Lisa: kids were in
bomb shelters for days. city is a ghost town.

only poor people stayed

a new army unit arrived, kids were bored, went out with
parents to look

there were TWELVE photographers there

and they egged the kids on

the kids are low class, not educated, have never met a
Lebanese, just want to live their lives, don't understand why Lebanon
attacked their home, etc.

the photographers told them "hey, your cousins in america
will see you!"

mostly foreign photographers

so the kids, who were bored and restless and had been cooped
up in bomb shelters for 5 days, took the felt markers and drew messages to

there were no cries of hatred toward lebanese

and a big problem is that the israeli tv does not show dead
lebanese. it shows destroyed buildings, but not dead bodies. so no one has a
face of the dead in their minds. too aware of our own suffering, etc.

make sense?

Mike Miller said...

Story of the picture.

I knew it was a media photo op...

Ari Kinsberg said...

i'm glad that idf video is still up. it is the middle of the night here and my kid is sick. he won't sleep and he wanted to watch the video. he would have gone crazy if it no longer worked.

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