Sunday, November 01, 2009

18:00 Update - media blackout lifted

Media Blackout lifted: Israeli arrested last month for suspected murder and for his alleged role in a string of attempted murder plots, a gag order lifted on Sunday revealed.

US Born Yaakov Teitel, 37, was is suspected of killing two Palestinians, for rigging the package bomb which left the child of a Messianic Jew seriously wounded in the city of Ariel, for a home-made firework on the door of radical left-wing Hebrew University professor Ze'ev Sternhell, and for his alleged role in a series of warning attacks against Israel Police at the time of the Gay Pride Parade.

While the Police believed he was involved in the shooting attack on the gay youth club in Tel-Aviv, there is no (known or published) evidence that he was related to that attack.

Sourced: haaretz, jpost.

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realRightWinger said...

let the witch-hunt begin.

Seth said...

I am looking at various postings about this incident and I expected to see a lot of right-bashing, which is there, but what I didn't expect was support for this monster. Instead of condemning the state for disallowing him access to his attorney, people are condemning everyone else for making this guy kill.

As far as innocent until proven guilty goes, if the guy is admitting his actions and the physical evidence clearly proves it the presumption of innocence can only be a technicality.

What I did find very interesting though was how his family said he could never do such a thing, that he is such a peaceful person. Just like every single family of Arab terrorists say.

Ben said...

Ah wonderful, more ammo for the left-wing to use in their quest of demonizing the right.

Seth, the families of Arab terrorists do not deny their sons involvement but in-fact celebrate it with wild parties that Israel is to chicken to put an end to. The radical right-wing can learn from this and put the same fear into Israel but they don't which makes it so PC to attack the entire right-wing establishment.

ODannyBoy said...

Dudu Topaz represents the media and Left in Israel. They are fully to blame for his actions.

Dudu Topaz wasn't a wild weed in a garden. Topaz was the fruit of their labor.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Shulamit Aloni's grandchildren kill that taxi driver for fun?

keren said...

Intersting to see article on arutz 7 about attempted censorship of blogs and forums that tried to write about this ealier

(and why did they release the news dafka this week???)

Anonymous said...

"(and why did they release the news dafka this week???)"

Well it looks like those stupid leftist policemen messed up their anti-settler smear campaign by capturing the murderer of the Oshrenko family today. For goodness sake PC Plod! How off message can you get? This week is the demonise-the-settlers-fest, that's the priority not capturing mass-murderers or memorialising a slain Prime Minister. Get with the program!

Do you even know what you guys sound like?

Yellow Boy

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

YB: He was arrested a month ago (and just take a peek at Haaretz if you want to see ongoing settler demonization)

Anonymous said...

By Ha'aretz you mean Gidon Levy, but you can't really beleive he is the final word on anything.

The Yesha PR spokesman on the radio this morning (sorry didn't catch his name), said that he'd give the 'left and the media' a B for their treatment of the story so far because in the main they haven't used it as a jumping off point for slagging off the right/settlers. Indeed it's been pointed out in each of the (few) news bullitans that I've heard on the story that he was in fact an American citizen at the time of the first murders and hadn't even made Aliya, so couldn't have been 'a product of the settler movement'.

Whatever. I just find it incredible that after learning of this story the prime focus for some of the commentators here is political point scoring rather than horror that one man could do such things apparently alone over such a long period of time or relief that finally he has been caught.

Yellow Boy

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

YB: I was explicitly clear in my postings about it yesterday -- what a terrible thing this person did.

Yes, its horrific. The more I read about the story, the more it seems he was a real Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde.

A7 had a report (though I havent seen it anywhere else) which quotes a top Shabak person as saying that "no rabbis were asked about this, and he acted alone"

It would be encouraging to see this sort of report printed on ynet, walla, nrg, etc.

Havent seen it there :-(

Lastly - I feel for the guys wife and children.

Olah Chadasha said...

If they're lucky, maybe they can pin the Kennedy assassination on him. Name that movie!

Anonymous said...

"'What kind of a man was he? He was a QUIET man...'"

--Rodney Dangerfield

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