Sunday, November 22, 2009

IDF to detain Settlers at Roadblocks!

The outgoing commander of the Ephraim brigade, Col. Eran Niv, has ordered soldiers at roadblocks in his sector to detain settlers who verbally abuse them during inspections at the crossing points, and turn them over to the police.

That's pretty funny, because I was just talking to my fellow settlers about how unprofessional some of the soldier's manning the roadblocks have been getting again.

Instead of inspecting cars and the road, they are busy chatting each other up (these are gender-mixed roadblocks) -often to the point where there could be a traffic jam for a kilometer down the road.

And instead of moving cars to be inspected to the side to the inspection area, they check them on the main road - stopping all traffic while the car get checks.

And they certainly never open up enough lanes, despite so many soldiers/security/police hanging out at the booths with the pretty girls in them.

And there is more cellphone usage than ever.

And I've run into one or two (a very small minority) that have been very nasty.

But usually it is the police that are harassing the people trying to pass through the road blocks.

But honestly, the concern here is more for the soldiers.

I think it was just around 2 years ago that the Gush Etzion Machsom was shot up by terrorists - because all the soldiers were busy on cellphones and chatting each other up - and not busy enough doing their job properly.

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NormanF said...

No roadblocks for the Arabs but jail for the Jews. A funny way the IDF is looking at to "protect" Jewish lives! At least you'll be in the police station.


Neshama said...

Are these warming-up 'practice exercises' for something on the horizon?

Anonymous said...

If you behave like Arabs, why shouldn't you be treated like Arabs?

ODannyBoy said...

You mean given a state on a silver platter, weapons, international funding, foreign human shields, no accountability, and official status at the UN?

Sounds good to me.

Olah Chadasha said...

Anyone you can talk to about this, or will we just have to wait for all these soldiers to be shot at or stabbed by real terrorists before something changes?

LeahGG said...

my dad (a former US army man) is always commenting on how the soldiers at the checkpoints are always in groups. It scares the daylights out of him, because they make such easy targets that way :(

Anonymous said...

Are they roadblocks? as in the road is blocked and no one gets through?

Or are they checkpoints (like at border crossings)? Where your documents are verified and you are profiled, searched and allowed to eventually pass through?

JoeSettler said...


Anonymous said...

leave it to the Muqata and Ha'aretz to write such a crappy article.

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