Monday, November 02, 2009

RabinFest Bingo

What a right-winger to do?

Its a month-long festival of hatred towards anyone who disagreed with Yitzchak Rabin's political policies, and all we can do is huddle in the shadows and hope the tsunami of hate passes by quickly.

But wait! Last night, the media celebration erupted more than usual -- a" Jewish Settler Terrorist" was captured by the Shin-bet...releasing a whole new wave against the right wing/religious/settler/chareidi population of Israel.

To help cope, friend-of-the-blog, Dr. Cyrano and I have worked hard to come up with a game to help pass the time.

Its called, "RabinFest Bingo". Each player gets a card with 7 of the following slogans. Then, the players listen to a news broadcast or interview together. As each phrase is mentioned, the players mark that off on their scorecard. First one to get all of them wins. (Or surf the web and whoever finds them first...etc)

The list for your cards is as follows:

1) I don’t want to generalize about ring wingers...but...

2) You of all people should be the first to condemn this sort of behavior!

3) Why do you wait till after these terrible acts to condemn them and you do nothing before?

4) Why don't you deal with the rotten apples and wild weeds and expunge them?

5) Why don't you deal with the other 200 terrorists among you? (Avi Dichter counted them but could not find or arrest them)

6) Why are all the Jewish settler right wing extremist terrorists always Jewish right wing extremist terrorists [Even though Amir wasn't a settler and Tytel had no political activities or associations...when called out that those on the list "don't fit the category", respond that you didn't mean settlers just right wing since you are allowed to generalize about them]

7) Since everyone knew it was a settler and all settlers know everything about each other why didn't you (neighbor, friend, right wing spokesman, settler, police, shabak) do anything?

8) If the courts weren't so lenient with Jewish terrorists this wouldn't have happened.

9) If the "Jewish branch" of the police weren't so lax this wouldn't have happened.

10) If the police wasn't so busy dealing with illegal outpost construction they would have found the terrorist first.

11) Davka this week

12) How dare you say that this was anything but a coincidence that davka this week

13) Link together all the following as identical or slippery slope: Right wing, anti-oslo, Noar gvaot, against expulsions, willing to fight against soldiers who come to kick you out of your house, willing to shoot soldiers, willing to kill arabs, willing to kill left wingers, willing to kill homolesbim.

14) Ask the question of every single interviewee and in every single way " did he act alone?'" "is it really possible he acted alone" or "even if he was a lone wolf who had no friends, spoke no Hebrew and didn't even tell his wife is it really possible he acted alone?"

15) variation on 13: How it it that you (neighbor, right winger who never met him, police officer etc..) didn't see the red flags? (He was after all a settler!)

16) it was just a matter of time (by not defining "it" you increase the chance of this being true to 100% while causing feeling of responsibility and guilt for not having prevented "it")

17) Pulsa Denura (Can one even write that without getting arrested?)

18) This is the same sort of hatred seen at the Zion Square demonstration, where right wingers held picture of Rabin in a Nazi SS uniform.

19) The Rabbis were all responsible for the incitement and atmosphere that allowed this to happen.

20) A Prerequisite to be a Jewish Terrorist, is that you are right wing. [said this morning by Razi Barkay on IDF Radio...]

Feel free to add more to the list...

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Leah Goodman said...

Look. We all know the truth. All of your right wing mitnachlim know each other and you all have arsenals and all of your wives pack heat and you all kill arab babies for breakfast and the way you know how to kill arabs is that when you go out on the shooting range you shout "terrorist" and then you shoot the target.

and so it's really your fault, and if you or anyone you know wears a kippa sruga, you should have prevented this!

In fact, if you've ever seen a kippa sruga, you should have prevented this.

And if you've ever watched the show srugim, kal v'chomer!

realRightWinger said...

Update 20 - Prerequisite to be a Jewish Terrorist, is that you are extreme right wing dati settler. (remember - we are all settlers here - after all its not our land, and no such thing as plain simple right wing - right wing by definition is extreme)

Mikeage said...

Waffles are breakfast... babies are for aruchat esser.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. This guy is no stereotypical settler. He wasn't from Brooklyn, he was from Detroit.

That should have made everyone suspicious from the beginning.

Commenter Abbi said...

Dunno- not feeling the hate. Admittedly, I don't watch the news every night, but I flipped through Mabat and Channel 2 last night, and I just didn't see this "Wall of Hate" for the right. I read Ynet daily, and I'm not seeing article after article of "Look at those right wing terrorists!".

Do you also get this defensive when we have to do cheshbon Hanefesh on Yom Kippur?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Abbi: Yom Kippur is for all of Am Yisrael:

נסלח לכל עדת בני ישראל ולגר הגר בתוכם כי לכל העם בשגגה

Instead of focusing (as should be done) on the issue of why political violence is wrong, the issue is "why yitzchak rabin was right"

Did you notice how his grandson referred to the pre-assasination as Nazi Germany?

Anonymous said...

Come on now, fools, that dude was picked up for putting up anti-homo posters for crying out loud.

Yes, that sure was a big incentive to start talking about all those murders he pulled (and of course, none of that alleged arsenal was involved in shooting anyone), to get the cops to go easy on him for that poster thing... All on RahBinPhest Day.

Wake up and smell the fasci-bolshevism.


timmy said...

A few things;
If what the police say is true and he did these things, apparently, it all started unravelling when he went after Jews.

The hate was full on. The Israeli media is required to use his new title. The terrorist Teitel or the Jewish terrorist Teitel. They are allowed to nterchange 'terroreest' with 'mehabel'.

Did Teitel have access to a lawyer since he was arrested?

*news flash* settler bashing festival hampered by heavy rains and flooding as well as gag order being lifted on Russian massacre in Rishon LeTzion arrest.

Lurker said...

Commenter Abbi: Dunno- not feeling the hate.

Really? Here's some for you, then.

(After I read your comment, I simply went over to the Haaretz website, and it took me less than 10 seconds to find a good example.)

jonathan becker said...

oh come on, gideon levy? you can't take him seriously! he's gay, and a jew for jesus, and a leftwing professor. and i hear he drives a cab in shuafat on his off hours.

Ethan said...

Interesting perspective. This problem of generalization, sensationalism, and stereotyping is BY NO MEANS monopilized by left wing media. Consider the following:

A story about stealing a wallet becomes a headline about "Arab Theft." Thats really not any different from what you're referencing above.

westbankmama said...

Jameel, you need to turn off the news this week - give yourself a break (although your idea of the bingo game is hysterically funny!)

Anonymous said...

Jameel of the Muqata has recommended that non-settlers take the opportunity of the month of Rabin memorials to get rid of their preconcieved notions and get to know the real people behind the often demonized label, "settler." He recommends Tel-Avivians join their settler neighbors in chanting "MAVET LA ARAVIM", comparing Palestinians to "Amalek," spitting on IDF soldiers as they call them Nazis, refer to Barak Obama as a Kooshon, and conduct pulse denuras against any Israeli politician to the left of Baruch Marzel in order to promote "understanding between cultures."

Is that the kind of unfair and hateful stereotypes that some use against settlers and the rightwing? Do they take the actions of a minority of settlers to claim that for instance, they deserve their beatings by Yassamniks because "they are a primitive people that needs to be subjugated and managed with a heavy hand."

How terrible and hateful of the left to demonize and stereotype all members of a group like that (/sarcasm).

Like the hypocrisy of a Muslim organization engaging in Jew-baiting and then fighting for "civil rights" and anti-racism in the US, if people like your buddy Joe Settler regularly engage in hateful rhetoric and steretyping towards Arabs as a group (not Fatah or Hamas or Arafat - but ARABS as a whole) then it's really the height of hypocrisy, to cry "not fair" when you find hateful stereotyping directed at YOUR GROUP.

You are just going to have to accept that the same kind of stereotypical preconcieved notions that your buddy Joe Settler conjurs when he sees anyone wearing a keffiya or happens to have an Arabic name may also come into play when a secular Israeli sees a scruffy young guy with sidecurls down to his shoulder, a huge Na Nach Nachman kippah, tzizit hanging out, and covered in orange or for that matter someone with a kippah sruga, a beard, and a firearm living in Hebron. You aren't the only ones on earth who will engage in stereotyping for a "shortcut" to quickly assume a judgement of others based on appearance or membership in a "group" and you certainly arent the only ones in the world to have a right to be offended by it.

You are absolutely right that its not fair - but in this case, the same people (like "Joe Settler", not "settlers") DO NOT GET TO CRY ABOUT THE HATEFL STEREOTYPING WHEN THEY ENGAGE IN IT TO A MUCH WORSE DEGREE. At least have the intellectual honesty to say, we are offended because "our group is great, your group is evil", instead of playing some self-pitying, intellectually dishonest, game of "we are unfairly stereotyped, don't engage in hateful stereotyping of a group because of the actions of a few waaa waaa. Its soo funny and ridiculous how you assume Im a homphobic racist religious nutcase because of my Kippah, tzizit, and Beit El Address you closed minded ignorant Tel Avivian who lives in a bubble and engages in "hateful" stereotyping. Oh yea, by the way, Arabs are primitive and violent people who desire to be subjugated and ruled with an iron fist- Mavet La Aravim"

Give me a break.

Leah Goodman said...

takes a lot of courage to post and not even leave a pseudonym...

The back of the hill said...

My dear anonymous,

I got bored with your rant about a quarter of the way through. You are a longwinded spewbag.

Are you :
A) 'Socialist' European?
B) Berkeleyite?
C) A moron?

Please note: it is possible to be all three.

Anonymous said...

Back of the hill - what an intelligent response! Actually, I am none of the things you listed - though I see that you are in fact a resident of the "Bay Area" and have lived in Europe yourself. And I'll wager that my Hebrew language skills, knowledge of Israeli society, and time spent living and travelling in Israel makes yours pale in comparison.

While I would imagine that based on what I wrote about the "settlers" you might assume that I'm a "moron" from Berkely, the sarcasm was apparently lost on you as it would be if you failed to click on the links I provided. I was simply using "Joe the Settler's" own rhetoric and substituting "Arabs" for "Settlers." You don't get to satirically make a bingo game where you complain about people saying, "I don't want to generalize against the right-wing BUT...." when you generalize and stereotype HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people as "violent and primitive who desire to be ruled by an iron fist" and you don't even preface it by saying, "I dont want to generalize against XYZ BUT...."

It dosent take a "moron european socialist form berkely" to understand that - only someone with a sense of logic and a modicum of intellectual consistency and honesty.

Orange and Black said...

So you are taking Joe the Settler's SATIRE piece that makes fun of Red Boris and using that as a proof?!

AynyR said...

In the world of left wing moral relativism universalism and multiculturalism there are only two absolutes: 1 - calling a primitive or violent culture primitive or violent is evil; 2 - Jewish settlers are evil.

tafka pp said...


Your Anonymous commenter has several very valid points, as does "Ethan", and as does Abbi with her remarks about this post being over-defensive. Haaretz haven't amplified their views of settlements/settlers especially to coincide with the Rabin Murder Anniversary. This is not in any way out of the ordinary, and they are nothing if not consistent.

Also- (this is for "Joe") as someone who, I would venture, spends significantly more time than you enjoying the "Leftist" multi-media, you'd be surprised at the discourse re Rabin to be found today. Your accusations are outdated, it has changed a great deal. isn't canonizing, on any level- lots of pieces/programs investigating his flaws, dicussions as to how to educate the younger generation without turning him into something he wasn't and re-opening social rifts (with specific, non-hateful references to the camp you claim to represent). They're being plenty reasonable and open about deconstructing the idol- why can't you acknowledge that?

Finally- if you want to feel some Israeli-on-Israeli 2009 hate at it's finest, try being a Russian immigrant today following the revelations about the Oshrenko family's murderer. The talkbacks and the media portrayal frankly make being Dati Leumi 14 years after Rabin's assasination, (yes, even with Yaakov Teitel thrown in for good measure) look like a picnic in the park.

Our country is a degenerating mess. Maybe instead of defensive carping, a few prayers would help?

JoeSettler said...

pp: Whew. I wasn't even involved with this post and I get dragged in.

Actually I think Jameel enjoys the Leftist media more. I don't even own a radio or TV, so I don't hear the stuff spewing from those media sources (except when I call Jameel and hear it in the background). I get everything I want online. It's a much more powerful tool.

Actually, I would guess that every immigrant (non-native born Israeli) feels implicitly implicated every time a fellow Oleh commits a crime regardless of their point of origin (but mostly Russians, and Olim from Detroit).

My major contribution during this RabinFest season (and only on my blog too, not the Muqata) was simply noting that it started early this year - with prominent pieces attacking the settlers, the Right and Netanyahu (and certainly not with pieces reconstructing Rabin to make him more palatable to those who disagree/d with him, which I haven't seen).

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Tafka PP: Hearing Razi Barkai, the primary political show on Galei Tzahal for the past week is extremely enlightening. While he may not represent "the media", he clearly (and loudly) expresses his agenda (along with casting blame).

Yesterday, he started off his show as follows:

"A primary and necessary character trait for a Jewish Terrorist, is that he be right wing. Shalom Achshav has never produced one"

Today, he started off saying: "Kosher Immigrants L"LMehadrin -- who are they? Damian Karlik, Yaakov Teitel, Shabtai Kalmanovitch -- all kosher immigrants to Israel -- they are the ones responsible for all these terrible things going on. They all learned it in chutz la'aretz and brought it here"

Nothing like an over-generalization of the immigrant population to Israel.

However, Barkai has the top slot on Galei Tzahal, 9 - 11 AM daily and is considered the #1 media journalist on radio these days.

He has far from muted his views, nor does he care about any sort discourse -- except presenting his own vile opinion as news.

tafka pp said...

Sorry, Joe- it was a generic comment about the "Leftist media" for your interest, but I wasn't clear, as I was answering Jameel who said "Instead of focusing (as should be done) on the issue of why political violence is wrong, the issue is "why yitzchak rabin was right"

Jameel- you are right, that is hateful speech indeed. But as your other commenters have said, every news service can be accused of spouting something offensive to someone, and one woman's Razi Barkai is another's Yishai Fleisher.

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