Sunday, November 15, 2009

Deadly Rulings

The Arab former owners of Beit Hashalom in Hebron want to take their case to a Palestinian Court to prove they didn't sell it to da Jews. Of course if they lose the case in a PA court the sentence they face is death.

Their claim is that as Israelis, it is too dangerous for Israeli judges to visit Beit Hashalom as the judges might get killed by local Arabs.

In other news, 20,000 Jews spent Shabbat in Hebron this weekend, and all passed by Beit HaShalom without any of them getting killed.

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Gee a Moron said...

A pity you didn't mention this last week - the Jewish petitioners could have asked to court to come and visit on Friday or Motzei Shabbat. Of course they also could have stayed over and enjoyed Shabbat hospitality as well.

Now there are three choices:
- organize a second weekend (or mid-week) gathering comparable to Shabbat Chayei Sarah to escort the judges
- defer proceedings for a year
- let the army do what the army is supposed to do

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