Thursday, November 12, 2009

Persil Gell Detergent: Banned and Forbidden!

This Mea-Shearim-style public notice "Pashkevil" screams the dangers and horrors of using "Persil Gell" (not to be confused with Agel) laundry dare we switch to this new-fangled "gell" detergent, when our mothers and grandmothers used only powdered detergents?!

Awesome advertising gimmick :-)

Kudos/Hat-tip: Gideon, who found it at R' Slifkin's Website.

Update: Hat tip to Gideon’s WIFE who saw the pashkavel up at Bar Ilan intersection on Monday, and at first believed it was for real! But by the time she got her act together two days later to photograph it, it had already been covered up.

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Michael Sedley said...

Brilliant - Love the use of language, especially the Yiddish Spelling of Persil Gel (with the Ayins).

I wonder how many people will stop to read it - for that matter, wonder how many people stop and read any pashkevils

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Michael: I read Pshkevilim whenever I see them -- you never know WHAT you'll find :-)

Have you seen the Purim Pshkevil collection?

N said...

I think it's way funnier that someone's taking the mick out of pashkevils!

Rob said...

Reminds me of the Dominos Pizza commercial they had years back that said

"Mi shelo tarach b'erev shabbos yochal Dominos b'shabbos"

YMedad said...

a) I, too, saw it, did a double-turnabout but couldn't find a photographable one as they hahd been defaced.

b) my blog has loads of "wall posters" from Hareidi areas so come visit and search.

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