Friday, November 13, 2009

Just in time for Shabbat

In a strident reversal of his own previous ruling, (where R' Elyashiv clearly ruled that Shabbat Elevators are absolutely forbidden, both going up and down), R' Elyashiv is reportedly going to change his ruling and permit the use of Shabbat elevators (at least for the elderly, sick, and pregnant) both going up and down.

This is a result of the Belze Rebbe requesting from Rav Elyashiv to meet with experts on Shabbat elevators.

More details after Shabbat on this breaking story.

(JoeSettler contributed to this report).

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autocar said...

thanks for sharing.


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Sol said...

"This is a result of the Belze Rebbe requesting from Rav Elyashiv to meet with experts on Shabbat elevators."

What a novel idea, actually checking with experts int he field. So basically they are admitting that R' Elyashav just decided this without checking any real facts? why am I not surprised.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Sol: He was advised by an expert -- Feivel the elevator technician from Bnei Braq, who you can be sure, knows far more about engineering, than say, Machon Tzomet (or people with engineering degrees)

Dov said...

We have no reason to think he didn't meet w/ experts before too, just maybe experts with an agenda, or something like that.

I think we should realize that it's impressive, and a very good thing in general, that R' Elyashiv is willing to "fix" his psak after considering new information.

Anonymous said...

One Israeli article described this as a followup meeting with experts. It could have been with the same people and it was a clarification of certain points.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

R' Elyashiv did NOT meet with the experts from Machon Tzomet before his initial ruling, despite Machon Tzomet and R' Rozen begging to meet with him and the "vaada".

While its good news that he met with them and reversed his ruling, the power of askanim over gedolim is simply disgusting.

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