Friday, November 20, 2009

Evacuate Gilo

As you all probably know, someone is putting up stuff on Obama's teleprompter that is making Him look like a complete ignoramus - not that He could be expected to know anything about Gilo - particularly if He only hears about it from the same group of people who also believe the Kotel is occupied territory.

The sign was up all over Gilo today. It looks like a typical Peace Now poster.

It says:

Evacuate Gilo - NOW!

Peace Now is everyone's problem!

At this rate we'll all live be living in caravans!

Provided as food for thought by Im Tirtzu and concerned Jerusalem citizens.

The 40,000 (brand new) settlers in Gilo seem to echo these sentiments.

(Gilo is a neighborhood in Jerusalem).

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Neshama said...

IMHO The more bizarre "O" gets,
the more bizarre the leftists get,
the more bizarro 'Pieces Now' gets:

The closer we get to the Geulah!

NormanF said...

As Joe the Settler and Jameel can testify, a few thousand more Jews in Gilo is not going to affect the Arabs' lives. Arabs don't live in the neighborhood.

So why the world outcry over what is essentially a non-issue?

Anonymous said...

I don't think this makes Obama look like an ignoramus to anyone other than Israelis. Even The normally pro-Israel Wall Street Journal describe Gilo as a "settlement". Obama is a great danger to Israel. He is systematically de-legitimizing Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem. From reading the Israeli press, and blogs, I think the danger the O poses is underestimated. Obama sees Israel itself, or at least much of Israel, as an "illegal settlement".

Jason said...

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Anonymous said...

Obama's lefty advisers tricked him. They let him believe it was Har Gilo - the Lefty, secular settlement next to Malcha.

Zionist Jew said...

Jameel hello
When I tried to open the:APREH-Feed:Lieberman-From Kingmaker to:
Deal Breaker,immediately I got a warning from NORTON.Shame because I wanted to read it all.Why was I warned?
Hate bothering you with such unimportant(to you that is)occurrence can anyone illucidate ?
Advance thanks

Greystoke's Legend said...

3 of my sons were born in Shaaerei Tzedek - Bayit v'Gan - A neighbohood that has been part of Israel since 1948.

And yet their passports omit that the Jerusalem they were born in is in fact Jerusalem, Israel. Like Haifa, Israel.

Now, this is not an 'Obama' thing as 2 of my sons were born in the pre-messianic age. this is a state dept. (vile anti-semites, shem reshoim yerokev) thing.

so Foggy Bottom, sr"y, is quite clearly broadcasting that it does not view Jewish soveriegnty on ANY part of Jerusalem - east or west.

The diffirence the messiah makes is that He as opposed to other US prez' is 100% behind foggy bottom on this issue and has more power than they do to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

obama is right. Period.

Anonymous said...

obama was having his period when he said it?

loopazilla said...

hahahahaha ! Maybe his wife was, and that's why he got so tense and edgy ?

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