Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lebanon: Global Warning against 'Massive' Israeli Attack

I saw this early today and didn't think much of it, but now Hebrew Israeli websites are picking up on it as well.

Lebanese news-site Naharnet reports:
Lebanon has reportedly received warning of a "massive" aggression Israel plans against Hizbullah, the daily An-Nahar reported Tuesday. The report by An-Nahar Washington's correspondent Khalil Flaihan said international military authorities have warned Lebanon that Israel plans to launch a massive attack targeting Hizbullah positions.

It said Israel is also likely to "widen its aggression to include large areas of Lebanon" under the pretext that Hizbullah continues to receive "heavy and sophisticated weapons" via Syria.

Diplomatic sources in Beirut did not rule out the possibility that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could raise the issue of the seized ship alledgedly carrying weapons for Hizbullah and the explosions that took place in Khirbit Selim and Teir Felsay as well as the Katyusha firing from the southern town of Houla.

The sources pointed out that Natanyahu would exploit these incidents to accuse Hizbullah of breaching Resolution 1701 "posing a real threat to Israel's security and that its armed forces are ready for any emergency."

They said the U.S. and French presidents, however, are unlikely to approve any new Israeli offensive against Lebanon.
1. I wonder if Netanyahu and Obama discussed this last night? I just saw the following headline article on the JPost website -- I wonder if this gives any credence to the Naharnet report?

Unusual media blackout follows Netanyahu, Obama meeting
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a lengthy meeting with US President Barack Obama Monday night which addressed the Middle East peace process, Iran and Israeli security.

The one-hour-and-forty-minute parley was accompanied by an unusual news blackout, as the standard photo op and press availability were not held. In addition, Netanyahu canceled a scheduled briefing with Israeli reporters and Defense Minister Ehud Barak scrapped plans for radio interviews following the talks.
2. If this really is that serious, then Israel would need to act, regardless of "permission" from the US and France. France? Since when does Israel ask France for permission before doing anything?!

3. I don't think this is really in the works right now...[updated in light of the JPost headline emphasis...who knows...]

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realRightWinger said...

Its probably just another bogus excuse by Hizbulluh to start attacking us again - they will simple say - "Yes, we attacked - but Israel was going to attack first so we pre-emted them..."

Neshama said...

Remember the Saudi King visited Syria, and now they are 'friends' again, after paying each other reciprocal visits. Syria is getting frisky, Hezbolla is revving up. I wonder who's "prompting" they are waiting for?


StarWeaver said...

As realRightWinger said, it's probably bogus -- just more standard Arab drama queen theatrics. However, if it does turn out to be true, I hope Bibi doesn't wimp out like his predecessors. As the Goldstone Report proves, Israel is guilty at all times simply by existing. No matter how Israel fights its next war with the Muslims, she will instantly be judged guilty of the most obscene war crimes imaginable, and any evidence to the contrary will be quickly swept under the carpet.

Morey Altman said...

Y'know, secrets are pretty hard to keep in this part of the world. I think most Israelis knew 'something' was up before the Gaza invasion by the increased level of military activity several months previous. That's not to say the Lebanese are wrong; frankly, Hezbollah SHOULD be prepared for an attack at a moment's notice: it certainly deserves it.

Kamagra said...

Remember the Saudi King visited Syria, and now they are 'friends' again, after paying each other reciprocal visits. Syria is getting frisky, Hezbolla is revving up. I wonder who's "prompting" they are waiting for?

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