Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Israeli Mannerisms

Found this great tidbit over at "Recessioning In Jerusalem"

Blogger Elaz attended the 2009 Israeli Presidential Conference in Jerusalem, and personally heard the following story from previous UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair.
Of note is a story he related about Netanyahu when the two of them were at a dinner party hosted by Netanyahu. It seems the waiter accidentally ladled the soup, matzo ball I presume, onto Netanyahu’s lap. The waiter, rather than gushing over with apologies to his head of state, proceeded to berate him for being in the way while he was trying to do his job. Netanyahu apologized profusely. Back at the convention, Blair asked rhetorically, in which other Middle Eastern nation might one witness such an episode with a similar outcome. Enough said.
I found this in-line with the discussion the other day about Israelis and perceived rudeness, etc.

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Critically Observant Jew said...
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Critically Observant Jew said...

And I thought only waiters in Chicago kosher restaurants are like that. Looks like they have a mesorah!!! (but point taken, regardless)

Anonymous said...

Only in Israel would the waiter live to tell the story. In almost every other ME country the waiter would probably be dead.

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