Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Muqata History Post: 27 years since the Tyre (Zur) Disaster

Today, November 11, 2009 marks 27 years since the "First" Tyre/Zur Disaster -- a massive suicide bombing of IDF forces in Lebanon.

An Islamic Jihad terrorist detonated a car bomb against the IDF Command Center in Tyre/Zur, South Lebanon, killing 75 IDF soldiers, border policemen, and Shabak agents, and wounding 27 Israelis.

27 Lebanese terrorists also being held in the compound were killed.

The initial investigation by Israel claimed it was a gas leak, but over the years it is now accepted that a suicide bomber, Ahmad Qassir, detonated a Peugeot car packed with hundreds of kilograms of explosives -- at the base of the seven-story building, which served as IDF regional command headquarters for the Tyre/Zur region during the First Lebanon War.

A few days after the disaster, Israel commemorated the event with a national day of mourning, including the sounding of air raid sirens.

May their memories be a blessing, and their deaths avenged.

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