Monday, December 03, 2007

Breaking News: IDF captures terrorists from last week's attack.

Two weeks ago, I blogged about a local terror attack just before the Annapolis "peace" fest. I wrote that the terror squad which claimed responsibility for the murder was a Fatah cell (Condi and Olmert's friends). Tonight, the IDF announced that they have captured all 3 terrorists.

Surprise, surprise.
Not only are all 3 terrorists from the Palestinian Authority's Fatah "wing" -- but all they're all official Palestinian Authority "police officers." The same sort of vermin that Olmert gave weapons and bullets to as a "good-will gesture."

The IDF arrested members of a cell responsible for the murder of Ido Zoldan two weeks ago close to the northern West Bank settlement of Kedumim, it was cleared for publication on Sunday.

According to army officials, the arrested men are Palestinian policemen from the nearby village of Qadum. YNET

When we say that Olmert and Condi have the blood of Jews on their hands, we aren't exaggerating.

They are guilty as sin.

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Anonymous said...

1 of the PA policemen/terrorists is being protected by the PA and not in Israeli custody.

Gee a Moron said...

429 more of them are being released today as a goodwill gesture.

JoeSettler said...

They were captured the next day, right before Annapolis.

The IDF did not release the information that they were captured, that they were PA policemen until Olmert came back from Annapolis.

So as not to ruin the atmosphere?

Anonymous said...

Carl points to a Debka item that says that despite the official denials:

They used guns from a consignment Israel supplied to the Palestinian Authority as a goodwill gesture for Mahmoud Abbas.

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