Monday, December 03, 2007

What Does Jameel Do During Miluim

Howdy folks. It is time to open a new thread discussing what Jameel really does during miluim. Pick one of the following:

A) Searches high and low for new locations for Jameel's Waffle House.
B) Spends hours researching the long history of cleveland sports heroes. (Oops, that is about a five minute exercise. Sorry Ezzie.)
C) Plays three rounds of golf with Joe Settler.
D) Works as a game warden at Hamat Gader.

The floor is open.

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Baila said...

I thought you perfected your game of rummikub.....and thought up original, witty blog posts.

therapydoc said...

Do we still own Hamat Geder?

Jack Steiner said...

Yes. Jameel and I had a great tiyul there a while back.

Unknown said...


Hey, there are more Cleveland sports heroes than LA ones...!

Jack Steiner said...


Oh really. Name those two and I'll get my list ready.

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