Thursday, December 13, 2007

No one in Israel needs an appendix

I don’t know if you’re all up on the latest research, but it turns out that there is a purpose for the appendix.

According to research, the appendix stores up important, healthy gut bacteria.

In case of serious diseases like cholera or dysentery, where the intestines lose all its bacteria, the appendix serves as a system backup to reinstall the good bacteria.

This was especially important for when people lived remotely from one another and the opportunity to replenish gut bacteria from human interaction and contact was very limited.

Yesterday I bought a shawarma.

As I watched the storekeeper stick his ungloved hand into the pita to spread it open, and the various shoppers freely pick and dip from the free salads and sauces on display, I realized that, in Israel at least, the appendix might really be a vestigial organ.

(But I’d still like to keep mine anyway).

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yitz said...

sorry for the technical nitpick.. but all the actions you described just make it more likely that one would get all kinds of nasty intestinal bugs which would cause shilshul, which would necesitate the appendix :)

so people over here need the appendix more..

Rafi G. said...

I knew there had to be a purpose to it

J said...

yitz, sorry for the technical nitpick but you are wrong...
A typical schwarma will be chock-full of intestinal flora and fauna, usually from the unwashed hands of the seller, probably just out of the toilet, and the dirty, reused, unwashed or washed with dirty water, plastic dishes. The shilshul is caused by the battle between different intestinal micro-organisms, unsettling the established population. But Jameel should not worry, his intestinal population already is able to stand up to any aggressive newcomer. Babies and older folks may be less tolerant, especially in summer. BTW, shilshulim in the Shomron most probably is no other than Vibrio cholerae. Enjoy!

Olah Chadasha said...

This is one of the reasons I take pro-biotics. I also don't have my appendix anymore to fight off dirty Israeli sanitation policies, but I can't stop eating Shwarma.

Anonymous said...

You need to eat at calba savoa like the rest of us!

#1 no arabs.. and that says ALOT, both kashrut, health and nationalistic wise.

#2 All vegtables and fruits are refrigirated, when bad they are thrown out.., I worked there for a year and have been eating there for almost 5.

#3 all vegtables are chutz l'aaretz. He will not use arabs and is too worried about kedushat shviit to use eretz yisrael.

#4 the owner and his brother as well as workers are frum, shomrei shabbos.

#5 health is a big issue, all untensils are washed either by hand or dishwasher.. and they are picky that its washed GOOD. After using the bathroom you MUST wash your hands with soap...

#6 all vegtables and chicken are washed very well.

#7 the food is good, prices are low, mashgiach comes in a few times a day to check, chicken parts he does not use are donated to poor, bread that customers do not eat is seperated and disposed of seperately.

Lurker can back me up ;) I cant see how one can eat at a store which employs arabs..

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with eating at a store that employs Arabs?

Anonymous said...

Firstly, there have been cases where arabs were going to posion jews r'l.

Secondly, arabs have horrible hygenics.. the same can be said about jews but I have observed arabs more so.. my arab neighbers in chevron dont exactly make a shining example of hygene..

Employing arabs at lower wages at the benefit of a jew's parnasah is against halacha (i believe)

Though my father will rather eat from a goy cook than a secular jew, seeing as most secular jews do not wash netliat yadayim, the food is then tameh..

My father when working in the pharmacy, when i'm around he sends me for food to the israeli store.. I say "its for hillel the pharmacist" and the guy washes netilat yadayim while i watch.. a bit extreme ? see the stori of the arizal and his talmid as he watched him wash netilat yadayim..

Oleh Yahshan said...

Are you talking about the Place on the corner of the Clal Building, on Agripas? I walk passed there almost everyday and never dared go in. Something always set me off about where someone gets his meat from if he can sell it (for profit) at such low prices...

But if what you have is true.. then I might have to go and actually check the place out...

Anonymous said...

Oleh Yashan,
I am there ALOT.. I personaly know the rabbi that comes in as mashgiach at least 3 times a day..

Furthermore, there is a list hung on the wall that they check when taking challah (they make bureakas)

The meat is atarah beis yosef delieverd direct from atarah, I have been there hundreds of times when the meat was delieverd.

Additionaly a Rav from badatz beis yosef comes in once or twice a week I believe (thats how often ive seen him) and inspects all the fridges etc..

As a worker I was sent to the store to buy stuff at times and was told "ONLY EIDA CHAREIDIT"

Sadly he just shut the store since business was not good.. this is very sad :(

I personaly whitnessed his giving of tons of tzedaka.

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