Monday, March 31, 2008

For a good laugh...

For a good laugh, read the talkbacks (especially the first 20) on this YNET article about the settlers who just killed a terrorist in the Shomron.

My favorite so far is:

20. very misunderstood

"They were approached by the terrorist, who began talking to them in broken English, mixed with Hebrew and Arabic. He seemed nervous, put his hand into his shirt between the buttons, pulled out a knife and shouted, 'Allah Akbar'
What actually transpired was the poor dead man was doing an advertisement for Ali's Snack Bar not Allah Akbar and pulled out the knife to cut some camel pastrami for a sandwich. This is when the horrible "settler" shot him.

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The back of the hill said...

If Camel Pastrami is worse than Kangaroo Jerky, he had it coming.

Anonymous said...

I hitched down there hundreds of times when I lived in tapuach.. the talkbacks calling this BS.. are BS!

I never saw a single arab as I stood at that tremp NEVER... there are arab villages beyond eli or further down towards ofra but none in that proximity..

Its imposible in my opnion for ANYONE who knows the area to claim stam arab was just walking down the road..

Its not even a juncton of note, its a simple turn off.. and a crappy place to hitch from experience..your better hitching by eli or ofra.

But it does shake me a bit considering the many times I hitched there by myself unarmed.

Anonymous said...

elchonon - relax. Read the comments again, almost all are making fun of the terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Most, not all...

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