Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Useful Idiots Walk Among Us

During the Cold War, the USSR's leadership used the term "useful idiot" to describe Soviet sympathizers in western countries and the alleged attitude of the Soviet government towards them. The implication was that the person in question was naïve, foolish, or in willful denial, and was being cynically used by the Soviet Union, or another Communist state. (wikipedia)

With the fall of the Iron Curtain, the useful idiots needed another cause, and quickly found it. Unfortunately, these useful idiots walk among us daily.

Today's example is that of Jewish Israeli, Tali Fahima. Here's some background info:
Tali Fahima (Hebrew: טלי פחימה‎; born 1976) is an Israeli woman of Algerian Jewish family background, who was tried and convicted for her contacts with Zakaria Zubeidi, Jenin terrorist chief of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah)

Until 2003 she was a Likud supporter; she then read an interview in which Zubeidi described his transformation from peace activist to wanted terrorist; intrigued, she found Zubeidi's phone number, and spoke with him several times. When she learned that Zubeidi was at the top of Israel's list of intended assassinations, she decided to travel to Jenin and live in his home as a human shield. [1], [2] She became involved in the Palestinian children's project in Jenin which featured in the film Arna's Children, along with Zubeidi before his imprisonment. She does not deny that she later met Zubeidi in Jenin a number of times, but she denies any involvement in armed activities. In March 2004 she stated that she was prepared to act as a human shield to protect Zubeidi. Both she and Zubeidi deny the allegation that they had a romantic relationship.

On 23 December 2005 she pleaded guilty to some less serious charges in a plea bargain which would have led to her early release. However, on 13 September 2006, the Parole Board ruled that she would not be released early, since she "acted in an insolent and rude manner toward prison guards."[3]
So how does she walk among us? She personally paid a visit on Tuesday to the Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber -- visiting the mourning tent erected for the terrorist who killed eight students in Thursday's shooting attack at the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva.

Her justification:
"I was with the family, and I have no doubt that the Israeli security forces are mainly just exacerbating [the situation] and causing civilians to be killed, like the yeshiva students, because of the years-long policy of occupation," Fahima told Israel Radio." (JPOST)

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Lurker said...

Kudos to Tali Fahima for paying her respects to the terrorist's family members in Jerusalem. It would be a shame to stop with that, though. I would suggest to Tali that she now proceed to do the same for his relatives in Jordan. Once she arrives in Amman, she can ask any police officer on the street for directions to the mourning tent; I'm sure they'll tell her where to go.

After she's done with that, she can then hop on the next flight over to Kuwait, where she can join the local Shiites in mourning one of Fahima's other heroes, recently assassinated Hizbollah arch-terrorist Imad Mughniyah. Again, the local authorities should be more than helpful once she tells them what she's there for.

Anonymous said...

Stop blaiming her. Ok, she is an idiot, so what, how does talking about her help anyone? Stop blaiming the government as well. It won't help anything either.

What might do good though is talking about possible tikkunim that we can try to do.

How about raising the topic of avoda ivrit? (wether the terrorist really worked for the yeshiva or not is irrelevant, the fact that it was mentioned on the news just might, MIGHT be a message from above.........) Don't you think it's the least we can do now? IMHO it would do more tikkun and more good than any blaming...

Lurker said...

yid: Stop blaiming her. Ok, she is an idiot, so what, how does talking about her help anyone?

The Jewish world is unfortunately full of self-haters, and these people bring upon the Jewish people an enormous amount of grief and tragedy. It is important to raise awareness of this phenomenon, so that other Jews will recognize it, reject it, avoid it themselves, and perhaps even help fight against it. Tali Fahima is an extraordinarily clear example of this phenomenon, and thus serves as an excellent example for educational purposes.

There have always been individuals who brought misfortune upon all of klal Yisrael. Would you have told Moshe Rabbeinu to "stop blaming" Korah? Would you have told Yehoshua to "stop blaming" Akhan?

yid: Stop blaiming the government as well.

Why? Is the government blameless? If not, then why should one not blame them?

In the period of the First Temple, the leadership of the Jewish people, both in the kingdom of Yehudah and Yisrael, were incredibly corrupt, and guilty of corrupting the people. God sent us many nevi'im to loudly proclaim the message that these corrupt leaders -- the kings and the princes, who worshipped avoda zara and oppressed the widows and orphans -- bore enormous blame for the people's misfortune. Would you have also told these nevi'im to "stop blaiming the government"?

And tell me: If the government invites a terrorist to relocate from Tunisia to Eretz Yisrael, and gives him a loaded gun, and then that terrorist murders an innocent Jewish child -- is that government not to blame? And should we not attempt to publicize that blame, so as to raise the awareness needed to topple that government?

Why in the world would you ask us not to blame that government?!

yid: How about raising the topic of avoda ivrit? ... Don't you think it's the least we can do now? IMHO it would do more tikkun and more good than any blaming...

Sure. While Olmert and Livni are actively engaged in negotiations with Abu Mazen and his terrorist friends to surrender all of Yehuda, Shomron, and Yerushalayim to them, we will all refrain from any criticism of this policy. Instead, we will speak only of avoda ivrit. I'm sure that will be of great comfort when Olmert's black-suited stormtroopers come to forcibly evacuate all our yishuvim, and the armies of Fatah and Hamas come marching into Yerushalayim to take over.

Anonymous said...

Urgh, someone should just find the mute button for Tali Fahima: The woman has only proven herself to be not worth our, or the media's, attention. (There are only even a miniscule, wholly insignificant amount of people on the far left who rate her.) She doesn't deserve the energies devoted to her.

Veev said...

I think she's worse than the Kapo. She does us harm and makes a Chilul Hashem all in one fell swoop.

Jack Steiner said...

So we all agree that she is a moron. Now, on to more interesting topics.

Anonymous said...

Obviously she is a Mossad agent on a deep-cover assignment to infiltrate and control the anti-Zionist movement.

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