Thursday, March 13, 2008


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TODAY ONLY (Sunday March 16).

Atid's WebYeshiva is offering a series of free (and interesting) video shiurim on Purim.

The Series will run all day long this Sunday, March 16.

For information on logging in to participate (for free)
click here.

Here are some of the speakers and subjects:

Mrs Ilana Saks: Between Lines and Behind Masks - Reading and Understanding Megillat Esther

Mrs Nomi Berman: These Days Should Be Remembered

Rav Morris: How the Jews Beat Haman - Understanding the Particular Power of the Jewish People

Rav Light: Where is the Kedusha in Megillat Esther?

Mrs Geula Twersky: Purim - A Holiday in Disguise

Rav Brovender: Matanot L'Evyonim - It's Better to Give than to Receive, but is it Tzedaka?

Rav Twersky: Secrets for Life - From the Pages of the Megillah

Rav Zuriel: Why don't we Recite Hallel on Purim?

Rabbi Geller: Secrets to the Midrash Encoding within the Megilla Text

Rav Weinstein: The Drinking Life According to Halacha and Midrash: A Look at the Many Faces of Ad d'lo Yada
(I wonder if Rabbi Geller, Rabbi Uri Geller? - JS)

For exact times go to the website.

And as always, WebYeshiva offers their
free two week trial for their full Yeshiva program.

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