Thursday, March 20, 2008

Purim at the Muqata

Hey All. Remember 2 years ago? The JBLOGOSPHERE's Purim Pardoy Carnival? That was pretty cool. A tremendous amount of time...but worth it. (And I got to meet alot of really funny people at the same time).

Some of these bloggers havent been heard from in months...Paging RenReb, paging RenReb, do you still exist? Amshinover? You come to the Muqata for Shabbat and then you stopped blogging. Nice. Some have rehashed their blogs a few times, like XGH. Some drop by once in a while like OM or Krum, but the Jblogosphere has definitely evolved.

For a trip down memory lane, see what the JBlogosphere was like 2 years ago.

(*will cost lots of cash)

So that was two years ago.

LAST Year, Ezzie and I raised the bar (yet again) with the First JBlogosphere Purim Podcast. Took about twice as much time as the year before...

So what's gonna happen this year? Well, this year I had almost no time whatsoever and I can barely keep my eyes open now. That doesn't mean we ignored the JBlogosphere, it means we're busy. Not too busy to do anything...check back next week, and we may have a cool purim post. No promises, but it could work out.

In any event, a Happy Purim to all.


Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


Sarah Likes Green said...

aaah... the memories.

happy purim!!! :) :) :)

(note to holyhyrax: i'm NOT reading a mattress label... however much you beg.)

Holy Hyrax said...

Not like anyone would understand you ANYWAYS!

PsychoToddler said...

Too bad there's no podcast this year. I finally freakin got an ipod!

Holy Hyrax said...

we can still make one for the hell of it. Another blogger and myself were talking about doing a sort of "podcast play." It was going to be called "The Little Mermaidle." About a chassidic girl wanting to be part of the modern orthodox world. :)

tafka PP said...

Ok. So now Jameel has pointed out just how long ago it all was, I'm realising that I'm no longer particularly "Publicity Shy", so I'm officially 'fessing up to being behind "The Rabbi's Kidding" (Ah, them were the days- does he even still blog?!)

And Holy Hyrax- if you're looking for a singer to play "Ariella" in your new musical... :-)

Have a good Purim, Jameel et al!

Baila said...


Maybe a modern orthodox girl wants to be a part of the chassidish world????

Not me. Just sayin'.

Happy Purim to all.

Holy Hyrax said...


That would be totally unbelievable.

Jack Steiner said...

In blog years it is almost 14 years ago.

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