Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's Muqata Update

1. A heartfelt Mazal Tov to friend of the blog, Chana, "The Curious Jew" blogger on her engagement!

2. We've received information that some of our reader are unable to reach the Muqata blog, due to organizations who limit internet access. The following arrived today (IP address fuzzed out to retain their anonymity...).

Can you figure out why we're being filtered?

3. Razi Barkai on IDF radio this morning around 9:07 AM: "Why is there still a media blackout on the name of the State's Witness against Olmert & Co. in the HolyLand corruption case? Every single Israeli knows who he is."

4. Tomorrow (Thursday) is an important vote within the Likud. Central Committee members will be voting whether to extend their (already 8 year) term by another 2-3 years, or whether there should be elections now for central committee membership.

Netanayhu has turned this into a "Bibi vs. Feiglin" fight to the death, and he Netanyahu's imploring central committee members to postpone elections by years...maybe even indefinitely.

See what non-"Feiglin"-supporting MK's have to say:

"MK Miri Regev explained Wednesday why she would vote against the motion on Thursday. "The Likud party is the largest popular party and to my great delight Prime Minister Netanyahu instated the primaries in 1992. The Likud has a constitution. Just as one doesn't change the rules in the middle of a football game, on this case one should hold elections on their due date and not change the very rules we set ourselves."

MK Danny Danon is also opposed to the initiative and is scheduled to hold an activists' meeting on Wednesday evening ahead of the vote. "One doesn’t change the constitution in a democratic movement, only in extreme cases of war or a state of emergency. The opposition for the move is wide and stems from principals and not from a will to start a 'Netanyahu-Feiglin'-like street fight."

MK Yariv Levin has also announced he will not support the prime minister on Thursday's vote. "I am convinced that an ideological Likud party which is open and revitalized will bolster the prime minister and help him deal with the great challenges we face. Likud unity is not in question. We shall all be committed to whatever is decided and we will stand together ahead of our future struggles," he said. (source)

One should remember that the current Central Committee is over 8 years old, and many of the members are active supporters of the Kadima party, who abandoned the Likud when Ariel Sharon created Kadima.

The reason Netanyahu is scared of elections is because he doesn't want the tens of thousands of Likud members who are aligned with Moshe Feiglin voting for central committee members who would be hostile to Bibi's alleged far reaching plans for a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital.

Anyone committee member who values democracy more than their seat and more than Bibi's attempts to rule the Likud like Kadima, should vote tomorrow in favor of immediate elections. This has nothing to do with Feiglin, and everything to do with Bibi's fear of democracy.

4. I'm off to Har Greizim now to see the Shomronim's Korban Pesach. Should be fascinating!



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Nosson Gestetner said...

The Shomronim are fascinating... Why is access blocked? Marijuana? eh?

mother in israel said...

-The only Israeli who doesn't know.

JoeSettler said...

I guess that must be me. I feel out of the loop.

Jenny said...

How does everyone know who the state's witness is? has it been reported in foreign press?

google user said...

I think I know why your website is blocked.

Look at this page and the first or second comment:

Also maybe this link:

Nachum said...

OK, here's another Israeli who has no clue. Ariel Sharon? Where can I find it?

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