Thursday, October 20, 2011

Freed Palestinian Terrorist vows to Continue Suicide Attacks

Failed Palestinian underwear suicide bomber, Wafa al-Bis who was released from an Israeli prison last week insisted she would seize any opportunity to mount another suicide mission against the Jewish State, and she encouraged dozens of cheering Palestinian schoolchildren to follow her example.

The Telegraph Reports:
Her target, Israel says, was a hospital where she had been given permission to seek treatment for burns she sustained in a gas tank explosion. She never got there. Stopped by suspicious Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint on Gaza’s border, she was discovered with 22lb of explosives sewn into a belt inside her underwear. Bis tried to blow herself up but the detonator malfunctioned.

Speaking in her bedroom, the shelves of which were lined with soft toys, Bis yesterday maintained that the six years she spent in an Israeli prison cell had left her with no regrets other than her failure to kill herself and her captors, although she insisted that her target was only ever going to be a military one.

“I wanted to be the first female martyr from Gaza to kill Israeli soldiers and I wanted to kill as many as I could,” she said. “I had wanted to be a martyr since I was a kid. I regard what I did as an honourable thing. It was my dream to be a martyr but God didn’t let me.”

If given the opportunity, she added, she would fulfil her destiny to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces. “As long as there is going to be occupation over all of Palestine, martyrs will be there to resist and to fight, and I will be among the first of the strugglers,” she said. “This is an honourable thing and I would be a suicide bomber three times over if I could.”

Bis’s mother Salma said she had no idea of her daughter’s mission — but added that she felt she had no choice but to encourage her in her chosen course of life. “This is Jihad, it is an honourable thing and I am proud of her,” she said.
Note the pathetic attempts of the Huffington Post to garner sympathy for poor Wafa, who has been banished to Gaza (to prevent her from easily attempting yet another suicide attack).

Here's to hoping she manages to blow herself up in a work-related accident, taking throngs of her Jihad-cheering supporters and family along with her.

Update: Yet another freed terrorist announces her desire to continue to commit terror attacks against Jews. "No Regrets, I'd do it again..."
AMMONNEWS - The former released Jordanian prisoner, Ahlam Tamimi called on the Arab youth to continue pressuring their governments for keeping their efforts in using the Palestinian prisoners file as an important pressure element in any negotiations policy with Israel.

‘I have never regretted what I have done, and if given another chance I’ll do it again’ she added.

Tamimi expressed her believes in the rightness of what she has done. AmmonNews

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Anonymous said...

Did you see this? Any further news on Sharon?

Michyeah HaMatim!

OneWhoKnows said...

I'm with your commenter who said let's go hunt them all down. Scumbags.

Failing that, why are the State Department not calling for their extradition? Didn't Ahlem Tamimi kill Americans?

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