Monday, October 31, 2011

Midnight Update; Qassam Attacks

12:44 AM Off to bed. Wishing the residents of Southern (and South-central) Israel a quieter and safer night than they have had so far...

12:2o AM
IDF has attacked Islamic University near Khan Yunis; Palestinians report number of wounded.

12:19 AM
5 Rockets launched at Israel in the past 20 minutes. No injuries reported.

12:18 AM
Rocket lands in open area. No injuries or damage reported.

12:17 AM
Color Red warning sirens in Kfar Maimon and Tooshiya. Incoming rockets.

12:16 AM
IDF retaliating against multiple targets in Gaza. No reports of injuries in previous minutes' attack from Gaza.

12:14 AM
Color Red warnings in Sedot Negev; incoming rockets launched.

12:13 AM
- 2 Rockets land near Ashkelon in open areas; no damage or injuries. Updates coming in a minute...

12:10 AM --- Color Red / Anti Rocket Warning Sirens are erupting throughout Southern Israel:

Kfar Aza, Eshkol Region, Ashkelon, Shaar HaNegev Region, and more.

Rockets have been fired, Iron Dome System did not launch counter-rockets due to technical malfunction...reports of rockets be updated momentarily...

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Anonymous said...

yup, release terrorists, and voila bombardment.

sounds about right, Hamas never misses a beat.

Anonymous said...

Where's the IDF film showing they were firing from the Palestinian University? Or was that just to set the moderates back a bit?

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