Friday, October 14, 2011

Who said?

(All these quotes were made in the years after 1967, following Israel's liberation of Judea and Samaria from the illegal Jordanian occupation.)

1) I hope that Jews, including those in America will come to settle in Hebron and around it.

2) Jews have complete rights in this land, to live in Gush Etzion and Har Hebron in its entirety.

3) If we manage to create a massive Aliyah [to the territories], we will be able to keep this land whole, like it was.

4) There never was a Palestinian state, and the Arabs that conquered the land never developed anything.

5) I would never give a command to destroy any settlement in the territories.

6) We need to increase pace, and spread more settlements across the map.

And as a bonus:
1) Who gave 10% of his pension to the Rabbi Levinger’s yeshiva in Hebron?

Answers to these 6 quotes after Shabbat.

Chag Sameach.

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Anonymous said...

#4:Azmi Bishara.

JoeSettler said...

Anon: Good try, but not the famous person whose quote I quoted.

George said...

David Ben Gurion

RR said...

Until now I was quite sure that those are Netanyahu quotes. Now, without knowing anything about his previous positions, I would even try my luck saying that it could have been... Ehud Barak.
Anyway, quite an exciting riddle indeed!

Reuven Chaim Klein said...

Nu, it's after Shabboes already?

JoeSettler said...

I'm going to wait until Sunday afternoon to give America a time to guess.

Anonymous said...

#6 Ariel Sharon?

D.C. said...

I suppose that those of us who read a certain newspaper aren't allowed to "guess"...

Anonymous said...


gregory said...

Some sleazy Israeli politician who tells everyone what they want to hear, before doing the exact opposite once in power.

I think that covers all the bases.

Lurker said...

I see you also read the cover story in Makor Rishon's magazine section this week... :-)

Hag sameach.

Moe said...

Meir Kahane

Anonymous said...

Alfred E. Neuman Z"L ?
C'mon Joe, tell us already - the suspense is killing us !

Anonymous said...

It has to be Haneen Zoabi.

JoeSettler said...

Every single quote above was said and written (and done) by none other than David Ben-Gurion.

While often characterized today as the stereotypical Leftist, his statements and actions would hardly fit that profile. He would better be defined as Rightwing with realpolitik leanings.

Anonymous said...

Ben Gurion is not characterized as a stereotypical leftist. Most of the contemporary left is embarrassed by his role in the "nakba".

Peres (who really is a stereotypical leftist nowadays) or Rabin (who is worshipped by the leftists) would be better examples of people whose opinions were right-wing (by contemporary standards) throughout most of their life (all of it in Rabin's case).

Lurker said...

In his day, to say that someone like B-G was a leftist was to say that he espoused a socialist economic ideology. It did not mean that he wasn't a Zionist nationalist. B-G most certainly was. Nor did it mean that he advocated capitulating to the Arabs for the sake of a meaningless "peace" agreement. B-G didn't.

In Israel, it is only in the last 25 years or so that being "leftist" has come to mean anti-nationalism, defeatism, and hatred of Jews who live in the Jewish heartland.

JoeSettler said...

I think "quintessential" is a better word that "stereotypical".

B-G would be angry at the positions of the Left today, as well as those that try to place him in their camp.

Until the article in Makor Rishon last weekend which highlighted many more of his actions and statements, I thought the same about him simply because that is how he is portrayed by the Left today, despite what he actually said and did.

(For that matter, after a visit once to his museum, I walked out of the movie thinking how the museum tried to portray him as the Messiah).

Jeremy said...

I have now doubt that if BG was alive today and still in politics he would allign himself with the politcal left and probably be a very good prime minister who would have come to an agreement with the Palestinians a long time ago.

Like many leaders as times change so do their viewpoints. The world of today is very different to what it was 40 or 50 years ago and you cant continue holding on to what was.

As a matter of fact, after the Six-Day War, Ben-Gurion was in favour of returning all the occupied territories apart from Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Mount Hebron.

JoeSettler said...

Jeremy: Actually, immediately after the 6 Day war, B-G quickly shot from the hip (apparently in response to Avneri's publicized plan the day before) and said Israel should give away the captured lands in exchange for "True Peace".

Yet, his vision of "True Peace" though was actual friendship, not a cold peace treaty.

But then he completely recanted the above statement after visiting the territories, and those statements I included above in the post were part of that recanting he repeatedly made over the years.

Other statements he made after his initial misstatement also included: "Even for a True Peace he would not give away Ramat HaGolan or Jerusalem". This statement he made after flying over the Golan for the first time with Ezer Wietzman.

So you were quoting a statement he made that he afterwards regretted and spoke and acted to fix.

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