Monday, November 14, 2011

Flood Hits Modiin Mall

Today's rains brought a flood to the Azrielli Mall in the city of Modiin.

Divine retribution for Xmas Caroling in the Modiin Park...Offensive Billboards in the mall...preventing Jewish youths from putting on tefillin....Missionary Activity...?

Of course not!

It was simply poor urban planning for rainwater and sewage drains...don't worry Modiin, we still love you at the Muqata!

(or, this could simply be proof that G-d approved of today's laws passed in the Knesset)

photo credit: rotter

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Commenter Abbi said...


Just a guy said...

It really bothers me that Israel, which is at the cutting edge of everything, still can't get a handle on this weatherproofing thing. I moved into my house almost 9 years and have been through numerous fix-it people and contractors trying to fix the leaks. Our local shul has leaks from the ceiling. And it's throughout the country. I realize the rainy season is very short and when all is said it doesn't rain too much, still, you would think that Israel, of all countries on earth, could figure this thing out.

Rrw said...

Hey jameel, some normal people still live in Modiin...

Anonymous said...

RRW: Of course there are normal people in Modiin. Why do you think it hasn't been into a city of salt?

There are at least 50 normal people there.

(We daven for Modiin every day :)

Anonymous said...

anything in particular about the kenesset you are thinking of?

Just a guy... of course they can figure it out, but you have to pay for it. Are you going to pay for it?

Baila said...

I was there when it happened. Freaked out a bit because the elevators stopped running and my mom has an escalator phobia. Then a woman told me the parking lot was flooded. TG all ended well.

And I'm with Just a Guy. This mall is all of two years old. When they sat down to plan this thing, did it not occur to someone to say, you know it does rain sometimes here, maybe we should install a couple of drains in strategic locations? It seems like Building 101 to me--and should be part of the overall cost of building the thing. It'll cost alot more to fix it now and all that flooding costs someone money.

Planned city, indeed.

But I still don't get why you pick on us so much, Jameel.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to suspect that perhaps you once got you ass kicked badly in Modiin by missionary pastors, wacky uber-liberals, and homosexual window dressers... and you still haven't gotten over the trauma. Say what you want about Modiin, Mor High School in Reut was ranked #1 as the high school that produced the highest number of IDF officers in 2010. Data shows that 97 Mor graduates finished the officer's course last year. The city of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut also has the highest number of Israel Defense Forces recruits, both among men and women, according to the IDF. Bnei Brak is last. Joe, I'll say it again - you really need to get away from the Muqata for a Shabbat and rediscover Modiin. Bring a toothbrush. You'll need it to get that bad taste out of your mouth.

Anonymous said...

"Modiin - the planned city" - hahahahahahahaha

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